Saturday, November 12, 2011

WORLD PREMIERE: That Floral Kaftan

Somebody went shopping for resort wear in preparation for the -ber months. If you just tuned in, please be aware that this birthday girl tends to welcome her natal return all month long and, if her time and budget permit, spends it in close proximity to the soothing shores. This year, I got invited to attend Coco Beach Island Resort's 25th anniversary. Sweet November, it is!

As always, the much-deserved me-time begins at the beach. I decided to don my recent ukay ukay purchase as a cover-up for my swimwear. Floral designs don't usually get my attention, but I appreciate this green number for its light fabric and overall appeal. Very perfect for summer! My friend MJ was quick to remind me that I may also use in urban setting; just wear square pants with it and I'm ready to waltz away. I don't see it that way, but I'll probably give it a try in the future.

Little Ms. Sunshine!

Birthday wish: this hammock!

So I took this kaftan off, went for a swim and went sunbathing by the shores. My friend Joey decided to go swimming in the pool instead and we agreed to reunite later. When I retraced my steps to the main pool area, the boys insisted I get wet in the pool, too. They attempted to throw me to the pool and failed twice. As they say, three is a charm.

Doc and TJ in their initial attempt!

Uhm, can you please give me a moment to take off my kaftan?

Yes, it took 5 fit men to lift me up!


Me and my wet kaftan!

Photos by Joey Saunar.


  1. Love the floral kaftan and you really rock it girl! :) (Now I'm thinking if I should get a kaftan too. Hmmm....)

  2. Thanks, mare! Kaftan in Baguio? Or for Bohol? Hahaha! You know you love the beach as much as I do. Go buy one for the goddess in you! \m/

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