Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nail Loft Revisited

Preparing raw food, particularly green smoothies, had subsequently diminished my passion for nail polish. I used to alternate having my nails painted and keeping them polish-free to let them breathe for a while, but recent months witnessed them being plain and simple. And I don't feel less of a lady for such.

However, thinking about this sweet November's last Irie Sunday made my dying relationship with nail polish resurface. From my signature puta red polish, I wanted something different. Something that proclaims "Jah love!" when I raise my hands to the live ska music that evening and from that point on. Rasta colors, please!

Yesterday, I decided to sqeeze in some me-time between attending our Church's 29th anniversary noontime service in Crossroad 77 and the last leg of my birthday celebration with the beautiful boxers in The Collective. Although me and my desk jockey friends had a long history of destress episodes in their outlet in Sct. Ybardaloza, my friend Atong and I decided to have ourselves pampered in Nail Loft's outlet in Libis instead. It's my first time there and I didn't miss the relatively small space in the Sct. Ybardaloza.

Ooooh! The parade of nail polish!

Being a typical home-service type of client before, I found Nail Loft's wide array of polishes from Orly, Essence, China Glaze and Opi impressive. For nail treatments that didn't cost me P500+, they really stayed longer on my nails.

Foot soak for my unhappy feet!

My neglected hands meet the lukewarm water for a cleanse

Gasp. Where did my hands go?!

Please forgive myself for being unable to take BlackBlurry™ photos of the nail polishes that I chose the previous evening. If my memory serves me right, I asked for Orly's bustop crimson, lemonade and wandering vine. However, lemonade wasn't as bright as I expected. It was rather faint still after 2 coats.

My rasta nails blend well with my pipe necklace!


  1. You deserve that pampering. we need to do it more often ;-)

  2. Nice nails, hanep ang kulay - astig! I want to try this lorns more than 1 year na ako d nagpapamani and pedi. hahaha..

  3. Atong, I so agree! But no more nail polish that often. I could use some back massage now, too. *sighs*

    Mitch, how did you manage?! Go ahead and have your nails done. STAT!

  4. well-deserved me-time!

  5. Thanks, Wilma! I hope you can join us in the raw food potluck this weekend. *crosses fingers*