Thursday, November 17, 2011

WORLD PREMIERE: That Colorful Skirt

The typically sweet November just got sweeter. Tonight witnessed the fulfillment of my recent pinkie promise (to be discussed in detail later) with my newfound friend named Rushelle. Still licking her own wounds for the ugly split-up with He Who Must Not Be Name-Dropped, she allowed her self-esteem to vanish into thin air and slightly neglected her own appearance as she's forgotten the beautiful soul within her. She once told me how her friends got too accustomed to her usual sporty attires; she longed for her guy friends to treat her like a lady and her girl friends to consider her as one of them. For a change.

Just the same, I wanted to take the plunge and give sporty look one more chance. See, I've tried it before and got discouraged by most people's shock and possibly disapproval. Looking back, it was probably my own discomfort that reflected in their faces. Now that I'm dating an athletic guy, I wanted to look more casual and relatable. Not that I'm a high fashion-type.

As a result, we had a pinkie promise to aid each other in our envisioned fashion evolution: I shall push her to let go of issues and wear more skirts and, in turn, she'll coach me how to unleash the Sporty Spice within and, most importantly, how to feel at ease in doing so. Tonight, she'll be back from her much-deserved looong birthday weekend and, as I insisted, it'll be our skirt night. Imagine my awe when I saw her waltz in.

Meet Rush and her heart-studded blouse and layered skirt. I heart it!

Grey skirt from Her Bench

Another Scorpion in her new skirt!

Close-up of my new ukay ukay find! Don't you love the orange fabric underneath?

Twogether for lunch break

We celebrated our skirt night together during lunch break (that's past midnight for you). I was fighting happy tears upon hearing that she felt so pretty and loved and how grateful she was for supportive people like me and how my example encouraged her to be more loving of herself. When it was my turn to share what's in my mind, I disclosed I was having jitters for the meet-the-big-sister episode later. But, as Rush pointed out, how can this flirtatious skirt and my consistently sweet smile fail me? Good point. Desserts, please!

My birthday cake! Treat ni Rush!

Rush treats herself to iced coffee and [birthday] cake!

Today's Outfit:

Green top from ukay ukay. You've seen this here.

Mum's knitted bolero
That colorful skirt from ukay ukay

VNC's strappy wedges

Photos from Rushelle Barrameda.


  1. babae ka pala rush! ahahaha, bongga ang palda paldahan. fasyonista!

  2. Rome, ikaw ang fashionista! Ginagawang pang-daily wear ang Balenciaga and H&M! Ikaw naaa!!!

  3. Thanks Rome! True... babae po ako...hahaha... And hopefully maging consistent ako. hehehe...