Friday, April 15, 2011

All The Way from UK!

I'm one of the 5% of Filipina women* who find it extremely difficult to correlate retail and therapy. Shopping for me is one sob story that typically concludes in emotional eating. While most girls find this an empowering experience, I become a portrait of frustration for the scarcity of kikay pieces that fit me even before it's half-time.

Tell me how would I consider this as a pleasant challenge when my bust takes up too much space and my flat feet are too manly in size, among others? I'm not really most boutiques' target market. Sure, we have mainstream plus size clothing brands but I am yet to find stuff that will complement my personality and address my desire for bohemian, psychedelic and casual apparel. Inasmuch as I would like to, I can't really afford buying clothes from my favorite shops like Dorothy Perkins and Topshop anymore and I somehow find it sad to be limited only in the plus size section of Forever 21.

Thanks to ukay ukay shops, commonly known here as UK (derived from a well-received TVC for a laundry soap, I think), my frustration transformed to hope and excitement. Not only can I get to be overwhelmed with myriads of options that often fit me, I also get to take home clothes and accessories for less! The only dilemma? Carrying too many stuff home.

This entry would be pointless if I won't share my good finds, right? Here's a sneak peek of my closet below. Please forgive me that I can't provide how much each item costs. Memory gap happens, you know. I owe you such information on my next ukay ukay rave entries. All right?

Looking hippie or pang-teacher? Either way, I love this purple top! Looks good with white lounge pants, no?

Bought this purple dress during a garage sale my friends and I organized for one of our benefit events. Guess what? I earned my first marriage proposal while wearing this one fateful Saturday noon!

This long-sleeved brown top earned a compliment from a stylish friend before. It's a refreshing change daw from the usual low-neckline tops.

This is such an amazing dress! A rare color in my closet, cool fabric.

Here's a whole body shot to show you what I'm talking about. I remember mum preventing me to attend our company Christmas party wearing this dress alone. She went: "Mag-leggings kaaaa!" Good thing she intervened.

That polka dotted top that I world premiered during one New Year's Eve.

For some reason, I often use this long skirt as a tube dress instead.

My nth purple top from doing ukay ukay. With its detail in front, one officemate asked, "Are you trying to be Storm?"

Purple is looooove!

Don't you love this travel bag? So colorful, so me! The sides had some Japanese writing on it; it must be the previous owner's.

Yes, I'm a sucker for frou frou skirts!

That bohemian skirt never fails to score compliments.

This may be a men's t-shirt but, upon fitting, I enjoyed how it looked on me. Football fans unite!

Wearing this dress makes me feel like a biker chick in New York! Well, provided that I wear leggings and high-cut Chuck's along with it instead of that slip-on sneakers. What do you think?

Accidental kaftan, it is!

I love how this pink dress brings out the color of my morena skin. Perfect excuse, too, to wear pink lipstick instead of the usual puta red.

I remember purchasing this astig t-shirt for only P70.

I call this harem pants as statement pants! However, people react that I look like a genie each time. Is that a compliment or what?

I know this is a fashion faux pas moment during Halloween few years back, but you've got to appreciate the green top no matter how bitin it is.

Because I love ribbons...

This off-shoulder top can be a casual shirt or, in this case, sort-of kaftan.

* - made-up statistics


  1. The only time I'd consider retail a therapy is when I'm buying books. Clothes are a problem for me too. My body is pretty unproportioned so I'd often get it ok on the chest but not on the shoulders or arms.

    Ukay is love.

  2. Ah, yes. Books! And airfare tickets! ;)

    Sad, no? Costly naman pa-customize ng clothes. Madugo!

    Wish we can go on ukay ukay adventure together soon! :D

  3. I can so relate with this mare! Kaya nga sa ukay lang ako maligaya pagdating sa pamimili ng mga damit. :D Ang problema ko lagi hips and arms. Laging masikip doon sa area na yun. But ukay, thank god, marami namang kasya sa akin.

    PS Love the Polka dotted top and the accidental kaftan. And your photo with Jollibee is so cuuute! Hahaha!

  4. I don't follow current fashion trends, and ukay-ukay is the best place to find clothes for me. I was just at a department store yesterday, and wala man lang akong nagustuhan. At dahil dito sa post mo, mukhang mag-uukay-ukay ako mamaya hehe!

  5. Yvie, mag-ukay ukay adventure nga tayo! Hatakin natin si Fristine! I love Iyaman Fashion House diyan sa Las Piñas!

    Di ko na nga mahanap yung polka dotted top na yun eh. :'(

    Kimmeh, share the photos ha! So excited for you!

  6. you girls should check out Erzullie! I absolutely love their clothes! hope it's okay to post the link:

    hear that they are going to create the lastest holiday 2011 soon! love it!

  7. Anonymous, thanks for the link. I'm exchanging tweets with the owner, Aries. Yeah, I love the ruffled shorts!