Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's In My Lunchbox Today? Vegetarian Spaghetti + Pineapples

At home, it's been customary to serve spaghetti during birthdays and other special occasions regardless of the celebrant's age. In spite of the fact that I've chosen the path to vegetarian diet and I've turned sweet 29, my family still expects a pool of spaghetti to grind for days. Should I give in to their request and beg the resident chef to prepare something else for me? Thanks to veggie meat, THEY have no choice but adjust to my liking for once. *insert evil laughter here*

Although I've tried veggie meat as early back in college, this is my first time to actively search for such in the market. I've heard that SAGE products are available in SM supermarkets, so I went looking for this. The veggie meat variants being offered in the frozen food section are greatly outnumbered, you won't have a hard time looking for them.

When I woke up this afternoon, I felt excited to see the vegetarian counterpart of my usual birthday meal at home. My mother greeted me with her I-don't-like-it spiel, but that's typical to hear from someone with non-adventurous tastebuds. [She had a history of clamoring for sinigang and other Pinoy meals when she's on vacation in Hong Kong.] Remember how my brother Lec disliked my spirulina milk here? It definitely takes an open mind to appreciate tofu instead of the usual bloody meat.

So...even if I have a date with my boyfriend in Kanin Club before shift, I heartily consumed this veggie spaghetti for theoretical breakfast and packed some more for my lunchbreak (that's past midnight for you!) later. I happen to have the perfect excuse to overindulge again! ;)

The not-so-meat sauce!

Spaghetti with veggie meat and pineapples for lunch

What can you say about my food combining? =P

Lunch time!

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