Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WORLD PREMIERE: My Birthday Suit...NOT!

When she first heard of this 3-course meal, truffles and wine in Chocolate Fire for two last month, Claire had me in mind as the perfect date. She can't expect her boyfriend to be equally eager for a potential death by chocolate. Or any important man in her life for that matter. If you can point us to a straight guy with insatiable hunger for chocolates in any form, please let us know.

So she invited me and, as predictable as it may sound, I made one of the easiest decision I ever made in my life. I even hypnotized her so she'll agree to sink our teeth into these mouthwatering meals on my actual birthday, November 9th. Little did I know I'll end up having a boyfriend a few days before my natal return who insisted we spend the night twogether, so I made a last-minute request if we can move our trip to this chocolate paradise one day earlier. Luckily, Claire can't say to no to the birthday girl.

Knowing that I will spend the first few hours of my birthday in the workplace, I decided to wear something new (technically, it's somebody else's pre-owned clothing) today. And I only had one outfit in mind: the flashy blue top my friend MJ loved to call "the J.Lo outfit", leggings and black wedges. I know it would look lovelier if I donned boots instead, but I am yet to meet the perfect pair. Please bear with me.

World premiere-ing my J.Lo top from my suking ukay ukay shop

My birthday present from Claire: kikay earrings!

Me and my salad [days]!

Wine-ing with Claire!

Imagine my excitement when I spotted all members of this and this. Jugs (naks, first-name basis!) even retweeted our twitpic!

My Almost Famous moment with Kelvin Yu and Jugs Jugueta of Itchyworms

Our groupie moment with the Itchyworms

My birthday chocolate ganache cake and truffles!

Standing next to the fountain of youth, yeah!

Outfit of the Day:

Blue top with built-in belt from ukay ukay shop

Mum's leggings

VNC wedges

Silver spiral earrings

Mum's black bangle

All photos by Claire Madarang.

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