Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lipstick of the Day: Colour Collection's Smooth Wine

After this good find from my Tupperware lady, I decided to search for a new lippie. As stated in my vision board, I will welcome playful pinks and mad maroons this year. In fact, I was momentarily torn between a certain pink and maroon hue but I went for the latter. My nth pink lipstick can wait.

Colour Collection's Smooth Wine

Me in maroon. Why not?

It-wasn't-as-dark-as-advertised-in-the-brochure pout.

Swatched once on left, thrice on right. Without flash.

Swatched once on left, thrice on right. With flash.

Outfit of the Day:

Lilac blouse from ukay ukay shop

Denim miniskirt from Her Bench

Denim sandals from Celine

Chandelier earrings

Photos by Abby Mayuga.


  1. such a lovely color, feel like hoarding all red-base lippie. Where can i buy colour collection products?

  2. Hi, Mitch. Believe it or not, Tupperware [brochures] also include kikay stuff like undies, toiletries and cosmetics. So go look for a Tupperware lady. Haha!