Thursday, February 9, 2012

WORLD PREMIERE: Waldo's Anti-Man Boobs and Anti-Flabs Undershirt

Upon hearing about this undershirt's ability to hide man-boobs and flabs, I was immediately reminded of how my boyfriend's tummy swelled after the recently concluded vegetarian cookout. Seriously, he looked as if he were about to explode and give birth to his next boxing protégé. Although I consider such sight as a visual flattery to our laborious effort that evening, I got concerned that it might discourage his students from coming back to him and refer him to new ones. After all, our society has this expectation from fitness instructors, right? And, well, I got really intrigued if whatever technology that promises to act like bulge buster truly work.

Needless to say, I bought him this undershirt in black (it's also available in white, but I notice Waldo's preference for black shirts) and hinted he might want to wear it during the next pigout session with our friends. To my surprise, he decided to world premiere this top during our very quick cross-country (Cubao to Cavite and back) meet-up with the tailor to get our costumes for an upcoming event done. And I can't help but melt to see that he was a portrait of gratitude and happiness that morning.

Wow, where did your flabs go?

He really liked the shirt, but he noticed it's tighter than his usual shirts. Anthony from Manila Clothing Company told me buyers should really choose the size with little extra room for its anti-flabs and anti-man boobs magic to work. I chose medium for him and,as you can see above, it looked fitting. It's not as if he were trying to be like Joe Rogan or make you run towards him and check out his pulse. Knowing Waldo, he'll tell me if it were really uncomfortable.

Closer look!

Also, I really like how this small purchase was packaged. How convenient for shoppers who can't wrap gifts to save their lives like myself!

Gold and funky!

And before I end this entry, I would like to remind you all that they didn't call it love handles if it weren't lovely. [insert awwwws here]

P.S. We're expecting a brown baby boy! We'll probably call him Jerbs for short.


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