Sunday, February 5, 2012

WORLD PREMIERE: That Puta Red Pumps

What to do after a fab find like this? Break in right away! Join me in another busy Sunday and let's all see if my newest puta red pumps were cheap, comfy AND made for walking! I know pumps are supposed to be high-heeled and deadly, but that's how its own brand calls 'em so...

Taking a short walk from Paseo to Greenbelt 1.

Taking the escalator that would lead me to my destination. Church time!

Right after worship, I headed down north to search for my new nest. Remember the job application I mentioned here? Well, I was "drafted" to be one of the new team members in our Eastwood office and, inasmuch as I grab any travel opportunities, I can't just imagine myself commuting from Bacoor to Quezon City on a daily basis. Especially if I will finally be on a day shift! No to violence inside MRT, no to sweaty underarms, no to 6 hours of travel time every lovely day. And no means no!

I only had less than 2 weeks to find a place. Foolish as it may seem, but I crossed out Eastwood condo units in my list. Sure, it is a living dream to be in close proximity to your office, to malls, grocery stores, restaurants and all that, but I choose to veer away from anything that will make my wallet disgorge more bills. As recommended by my best friend Atong, I went for a long walk along the streets of Project 4. I would like to be somewhere peaceful and homey. That way, I would be inspired to explore more recipes than find comfort in ready-made yet pricey treats in restaurants, among others.

Waiting for the caretaker to give me a tour of the vacant loft

The view from the second floor

It's not my car but, hey, looks like a great photo opp, you know.

Are you looking for me? Or am I looking for you?

And then darkness came and I had to temporarily conclude my hunt. Atong and I went to the nearby mall to meet my boyfriend for dinner and, thanks to my prior entry, appease her curiosity if there were an ongoing 2-pair sale there as well, in any order. But, we know us girls don't usually go STRAIGHT to our main destination. Right?

Sole searching for rasta flip flops in Saizen!

Looks familiar! Nope, they're not on sale!

Shoe shopping again?!

Looking for another red pair too soon?

Atong looks for discounted items

It wasn't Atong's lucky day. There were no 2-pair sale on Solemate items in SM Cubao and she can't find her desired designs in her shoe size. So we just went window shopping for her basketball and/or running shoes. That somehow brought the smile back in her eyes.

When we finally called it a day, I felt grateful that my red pumps still felt soft and comfortable. I could see the evidence of my feet's sweat and its messy encounters with unknown objects in the fabric, but I know it's something that can be remedied by a good wash. Definitely a good buy!


  1. Pramis, kelangan ko ng pula na shoes. Nakakainggit, aboor! :) Parehas tayo, when hubby started working in Libis, object agad ako na tumira malapit dun. I agree iba pa rin talaga pag nasa area na peaceful & homey. Kaya good luck on house hunting, south living na lang kasi. :p

  2. Go get your red shoes! It's a must! :)

    Nah, I can't imagine south living if I work in Eastwood. No talaga. Hahaha!

    Are you still here in 'Pinas?