Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WORLD PREMIERE: That Bandage Miniskirt and Shining Shimmering Brogues!

It was high time for another skirt day. Sure, it's a common sight for yours truly to be in such attire (average of 2-3 times in a work week), but it's a big deal when my friend Rush shows up in a skirt, too. Remember our little pinkie promise? I'm sure you did.

Rush informed me beforehand that she'll go for a repeat performance of her layered skirt for tonight's photo opp. But there was this unstoppable force within me, urging me to report to work wearing my spanking new bandage skirt in jeggings-inspired fabric and my latest footwear from Fancy Flats. Yes, I've been obsessing about brogues lately and had been researching online and offline for something adrogynous, preppy AND big enough for these flat feet that even my own mother can not love. The skirt? Nah, it's just another by-product of my impulsive buying tendencies.

Check out the new skirt, the new flats and the hot legs in between!

Black all over!

Rush and her - all together now - layered skirt!

New shoes!

The outfit that made the entire bay pause from their tasks and give me a round of applause. *blushes*

Oh, I nearly forgot. Upon arrival in the office, I was informed that I will be interviewed for the job opening I sent my application for after shift (that's early morning for you). I was initially worried that this get-up won't strike the interviewers as professional enough and, worse, I had no time to go home all the way to Bacoor to change. My friends was even surprised that I appeared very prepared for the interview based on my outfit alone. Madness!

BlackBlurry™ photos from Rush.


  1. You cut your hair... O.o

    Love the outfit.. it compliments your figure very well.. :)

    Hope your interview was a success.. :) <3

  2. Hi, your LJ username sounds familiar. Have we met in person? I suppose we did when I still have my hair long and curly, yes? Thanks for the visit! Yeah, I was "drafted" for the new batch in the new LOB. :)