Monday, February 6, 2012

WORLD PREMIERE: Atong's New Muay Thai Shorts

My best friend Atong will be one of the amateur fighters to join the biannual inter-Elorde gyms competition dubbed as Elorde Boxing Gym's Ultimate Knockout Challenge (UKC) happening this May. In spite of her long-time relationship with Muay Thai since March last year and her own kru's (teacher in Thai) encouragement, she still finds herself unworthy of donning Muay Thai shorts. Weird.

Recently, she finally defeated this inexplicable avoidance of the ultimate gear and had plotted to go shopping for Muay Thai stuff. The day she walked into the gym wearing her first Muay Thai shorts, she kept me updated with nothing but raves via BBM. The approving reactions from trainers and fellow students alike truly boosted her ego, making me wish I was there myself to make this important training day documented. I remember her say how she refused to let go of the shorts even if the strenous workout is already over! This high didn't die right away for she went shopping again for more gears. On her next world premiere, I feel that lending my ears to her ceaseless gush is not enough. This round girl (literally) has some job to do.

The nak muay ying prepares for the big day!

Ang siga ng A. Luna Street!


Roundhouse kick!

The new Muay Thai shorts!

Atong and her kru (for today) named Toto takes care of her hand wrap

In the blue corner, we have Atong! In the red corner, we have Toto!

Ready? Fight!

Left push kick from a leftie! That should hurt!

Left low kick!

Right kick this time!

The nth right kick!

First round of mitts over!

Knee strike naman!

Breaktime? Bawal 'yan!

Speed ball for hand and eye coordination

Go, Atong, go!

Wow, flying elbow!

Second round of mitts over!

Slashing elbow


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  1. extremely fierce! How often the lessons are? I want to learn but not to fight.. hehhe :)

  2. Atong goes to Elorde thrice a week. I agree with you, I appreciate Muay Thai but I don't see myself compete. Haha!

  3. Geee..... Nice article... Thanks a lot ;-) I am more than ready for that fight in May.