Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WORLD PREMIERE: That Grecian Inspired Top and Big, Black Belt

The theatre play I unconsciously spent a quarter of my childhood preparing for has come to Manila. Seeing half of the film made me fantasize about Greece all over again, serving as my inspiration for my outfit for last night's run of Mamma Mia!

I've coached myself to cease and desist adding more purple purchases typically from ukay ukay shops but I can't say no when my friend Atong asked me to adapt this long-kept flowy sleeveless blouse in her closet. The design is too flashy and the low cut at the back is too flirtatious to turn down! It's from Debenhams in Dubai, if I'm not mistaken.

Check out the design. Lovely, isn't it?

However, it's too flowy and I can't just pair it with leggings alone. I need to create curves that won't clash with the busy design on my chest.

Curves! Coming up!

Wide and glittery that won't clash with the chest design

Big belt, big watch!

My diamond studs and Wade wristwatch

Enough with the details. Time for the big picture!

Sexy back!

The Catholic school girls...

...and the Citibank cardholder!

♫♪ I have a dream...♪♫♪

Today's Outfit:

Sleeveless top from Debenhams

Big, black belt from Forever 21

Big wristwatch from Wade

Ladies Circle leggings

Silver brogues from Fancy Flats