Monday, March 26, 2012

Green Smoothies from The Big Chill and Rawlicious

If you find my green smoothie-related posts too weird or radical or if you predict such will be a bland and dissatisfactory experience, you might want to give the The Big Chill's raw vegetable juice bar a chance. What's there to lose if you'll just come over and choose among their offerings? Ok, that'll cost about P90-150, but that's just about the same range we shell out for those sugar-loaded milk teas with add-ons, right? [I should know.]

The Big Chill in Greenbelt 1

The veggie juice variants!

GREEN DREAMS - green apple + cucumber + bitter gourd (aka ampalaya) + celery + green bell pepper ("beauty" drink and high in calcium)
BROCCOLI BUSTER: white cabbage + broccoli + pineapple (anti-cancer properties)
PINE LEMON: pineapple + cucumber + green lemon + orange (great for skin, natural diuretic and high in Vitamin C)
RED ALERT : red beetroot + carrot + celery + pineapple (blood fortifier, liver detoxifier and iron builder)
APPLE WHEAT: green apple + fresh organic wheatgrass + pineapple + orange (wheatgrass is a natural energizer, body cleanser, body builder and weight control aid).

Among these options, I've once tried Red Alert to quench my thirst and hunger one Sunday noon. After my commute from Makati to Quezon City, I proceeded to have my late lunch. If you'll give green smoothies a try, make sure NOT to eat 45 minutes before and after drinking it and chew the smoothie (meaning mix the saliva with the liquids inside your mouth before swallowing) to maximize its benefits. More guidelines here.

I wish I have other commercially-known brands to name-drop here before you could start dismissing this as a sponsored entry or something. I must admit I'm clueless if its direct competitors have been providing green smoothies aside from the fruitty ones and I apologize for that.

However, if you frequent the Legazpi Market in Makati every Sundays, you've probably experienced the green juices from Rawlicious. In case you haven't, they actually deliver or allow pick-ups here. I also subscribed to their weekly dose of healthy tips and delivery-related announcements. If you'd like to be included in their loop, feel free to send them an email to And here's their green smoothie menu:

HELLA GREEN: pure coconut water + mango + banana + organic greens (hydrates the body due to its electrolytes)
JOE'S GREEN MIND: organic greens + organic cucumber + organic mint + apple + banana + pure coconut water (helps detoxify the body due to its beta-carotene)
GREEN MONSTER XAVIER: organic greens + pineapple + banana + organic ginger (encourages healing of the body and aids in digestion)
GREEN DREAM CASANOVA: organic greens + organic cilantro + pineapple + apple + banana + cinnamon (detoxifier of metals and other impurities)
GREEN LOVER LUNA : watermelon + organic greens + organic malunggay + banana + cinnamon (promotes healthy kidneys and immune system)
BITTER SWEET XAVIER : pineapple + apple + organic greens, organic bitter gourd + banana (antiseptic and antibacterial for the body)
GREEN SOUL BRITA: pure coconut water + papaya, organic greens + banana (loaded with digestive enzymes and anti-oxidants)

Rawlicious green smoothies. Photo lifted from Dainty Mom

*Menu information were lifted from their store menu (The Big Chill) and website (Rawlicious).

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