Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Reminiscing About Antipolo Earth Fest 2011: Earth Cafe

Earth Fest 2011 wasn't all about workshops, concerts and shopping. As you, dear readers, probably expect from me, it's one huge hunger game wherein Lakapati and I and our enzymes emerged as happy victors. Mother Earth is the only planet in this universe that grows mouth-watering provisions like vegetables, fruits and chocolates, hence, we earthlings have a reason to celebrate unceasingly.

And so we stuffed ourseves silly with goodies from Earth Cafe throughout our stay in Pinto Art Museum. Lakapati had been egging me to try Laya's 6-meal course of living food, but the P1,000 tag price made the raw foodist angel and meat-loving devil perch on each shoulder for so long until I officially missed the chance to experience their offering. If my memory serves me right, interested parties must confirm before 18:00. Now that both Earth Cafe and Laya had closed operations as Chef Ricci and his wife Irene had moved to the United States, you have no idea how regret tastes like.

So I shall attempt to move on by looking back. This gastronomic experience, I recall, was the last delightful feast I gifted myself before my decision to end my beautiful-yet-harmful friendship with red meat days later. It was the start I needed. Truly, the earth's abundance never tasted this good!

Spicy eggplant puree with cilantro pesto

Thai tomato basil soup with lime cilantro cream

Grilled veggies sandwich

Coconut & cashew-crusted tofu in ginger honey with organic red rice

Grilled spice-crusted free-range chicken strips with Asian-style slaw in ginger soy dressing
Me and my iced honey soy latte

 Honey soy latte

Dark chocolate with black pepper tart
Cashew mango kesong puti spring rolls with table cream cheese dip

Also, the cafe served green smoothies! Too bad we have no photos to prove it.

Aside from these, we also feasted on Marie Gonzalez of Kitchen Revolution's samples during her demo that Sunday. To my surprise, me and my big smile made a cameo apperance on her recollection how the Earth Fest went! Check this out!

Photos by Lakapati Basa.

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