Sunday, October 23, 2011

WORLD PREMIERE: Double denim bikini

Guess what? The double denim mania didn't end here. For this much-deserved returning trip to the breathtaking island of Camiguin, I felt the need to look for something new in Speedo. At the risk of sounding defensive, this is not a sponsored blog entry. What other brand can my vulnerable twins cling to?

Anyway, this tankini was actually my third choice but when the staff informed me they didn't have my cup size for my desired designs, I tried this pair with a heavy heart. Sure, the maong print feels kikay but it seems ordinary. Plus, I could tell its plain print won't help me conceal my bulges. I've had my share of wide-eyed stares from the locals the last time for wearing a tie-dye tube dress (actually, it was a long skirt but I wore it as a tube dress) and I estimated they're not used to exposed big arms and screaming cleavage among tourists. What more if they'll see my belly rolls? Then I re-realized that, as I've mentioned here, we must shed our inhibitions instead of our excess fats and, as a heavy packer, I have no room for worries in my travel bag. The beach is MY runway, too!

Speaking of travel bag, I brought my Speedo orange haltered tankini top, too, but I decided to wear this denim swimwear for 3 consecutive days in the island for tan line consistency. Smart move, yes? This post will be too photo-heavy and self-serving. You were warned!

For our first day, we got ourselves toasted in White Island. Sources say that it is a white sand bar which can either form letter C or I depending on that day's current. When I first went there in 2009, it formed a C. I was hoping it will be an I this time. But, noooooo. That must be the Universe's way of saying there will still be a third time for me to commune with this island.

Walang kamatayang jump shot!


With my BFF Lakapati

Uhm, I'm not THAT tall really.

That evening, we treated ourselves to a soothing massage that only the Ardent Hot Springs can offer. It would have been the perfect start of our itinerary after our immensely exhausting trip from Bukidnon, but we arrived in Enigmata Treehouse around 21:00 and we're easily reduced to snoring cows right after dinner. If you can afford to, you might want to take a chopper right after white water rafting in Cagayan de Oro and have yourselves dropped off here. It's the best nightcap for your washed out muscles!

♫♪ Ma...ri...mar! Awwww! ♪♫♫

Shoulder massage, please!

Somebody did NOT forget her puta red lipstick at the treehouse!

The succeeding days witnessed us explore other God-given marvels like Katibawasan Falls, Sunken Cemetery, Giant Clam Sanctuary and Mantigue Island and man-made havens like Soda Water Pool (where my BFF and I felt greatly uncomfortable to be the only females in the area). We didn't have much photos taken as we unanimously decided to jump straight to the arresting waters, float away and/or snorkel away to burn our skin further.

Buuuut I can't resist to share this lovely photo as an evidence of how the cosmos conspire to make kindred spirits meet. One moment we were splitting the boat fare with this couple from Peterborough County in Ontario, Canada, then we were gushing about our raw food diet and how it altered our lives for the better the next. Guys, meet Jerry and Liza!

Meeting fellow raw foodists in Mantigue Island! L-R: Jerry, Liza, Lakapati and her husband Alvin and moi!


  1. Sheri-ness De Castro! ~♥January 6, 2012 at 10:18 AM

    Yeahehesss! So HOT!

    I love it so much Porna-dahl...more!!!


    1. Ha Ha!!!!
      You sexy shameless vixin!!!
      Hotter than the sands of Montigue!!
      The siren goddess turns her eyes to the world and the world is speechless.....

      Thank you so much for supporting my blog and sharing our love of raw food and shameless sexy goodness....

      together we shall concurrence the world with lipstick and mango pudding!!

      love love Liza!!

  2. Thanks, ladies! Miss you both! :D

    Sherry, we haven't gone to the beach together yet! *dabog dabog*