Saturday, October 8, 2011

[Re]Bonding Moments with Mr. Shin at Be@utyBrick

Somebody contradicted everything she dreamily elaborated here and dashed to Be@utyBrick to get rid of her rebellious curly mop. I finally learned that my shoulder-length hair demands for blowdry on a daily basis and, like what I've admitted here, I'm yet to include blowdrying to my imaginary list of practical talents.

You have no idea how stressful the past weeks had been. In spite of my attempts to tame them, the tips of my dry hair pointed to all directions. Worse, I looked like an open invitation to relive that old shampoo commercial wherein someone innocently asked the model named Mufasa, "Mahangin ba sa labas?" With my upcoming vacation in Bukidnon and Camiguin in mind, there's no way my supposed crowning glory should look like it did during our adventure tour in Corregidor. If you think my short hair ain't that bad, it's called angle management.

You're not the first to dissuade me. Subjecting my hair to a rebond treatment less than a week before my 3-day beach bumming in the islands is truly unwitting. But I heard what I wanted to hear when I consulted Mr. Shin, the stylist and, like what the staff said, I can go back for some hair manicure treatment to maintain the shine. Sounds like a plan!

Forgive me, my spoiled scalp. Meet your old friend named Chemicals.

Hair inspection ongoing

Keratin treatment for protection against hair damage

Wall design also by Mr. Shin. He's really good with his hands!

There goes my customer card (record of my old digital perm on top) and my timer

Chatting with fellow CaviteƱas

It must be that toxic that they had to protect my peepers from exposure to it!

Time for some sort of heater!

Sometimes it takes three to blow dry!

Lovin' the big hair!

Plantsa rito, plantsa roon!

Chemicals again!

Sadako moment, huh?

Touched by Mr. Shin


Seriously, this should be the last rebond.


  1. Dondoh naman Mars! Sa Beauty brick ka pala nagpa-rebond. I'm impressed, maganda ang outcome at maganda ang nagparebond syempre. :P