Monday, October 31, 2011

Lipstick of the Day: Milea's Cherry Red

For my vegetarian dinner with rawk star friends in Green Halo and the big date with Jason Mraz the previous night, I opted to use something eco-friendly for my lippie. I'm your typical matte lipstick fan, but I really enjoyed how the glossy Cherry Red from Milea looked on my lips. It was initially disappointing that it went pink instead of its expected hue but I've grown to love how playful and wet it look against my pleasantly toasted skin. Organic products calls for frequent retouches as they don't stay long. However, this one stayed with me until I was crying my eyes out when Jason Mraz performed his final song, "I'm Yours", which sadly reminded me of my brutally murdered officemate.

Applying Milea's Cherry Red lipstick

See how pinkish this Cherry Red lipstick looked on me

Close up!

Enough of my wet lips. Now it's your turn to wet yours for these yummy treats from Green Halo in Cubao Expo.

Sipping Green Halo's gayuma drink. With vanilla and rose essences.

Me and my spicy veggies in curry and tomato sauce.

Tableya cake monster! One slice is NEVER enough!

Ready for the raw vegan rawk star Jason Mraz [and Toca Rivera]!

Outfit of the Day:

Yellow off-shoulder top from ukay ukay

Star earrings from Divisoria

Mum's leggings

Rusty Lopez paisley printed slip-on sneakers

Photos by Andrea Banalo.


Before I shed buckets of tears again, I shall leave you with my deceased officemate's rendition of "I'm Yours". May he rest in peace.


  1. hi lorna!

    miss you much!
    thanks for the credit :)

  2. love the lipstick... very virginal! :D hehe. btw, we went na to the ukay sa tapat ng RFC, didn't get to look around much though, will do so next time! :)

  3. okay na! I can post na here, Lorns.. My connection at home is choppy. I had the same vegetable curry a couple of nights ago =)) i love it with plain indian nan bread naman... sarap din siya with French bread!


  4. Hi, Tin! Looks good, no? Tara, let's ukay soon!

    Che, glad to hear you can post a comment here. Nakakagutom naman! :)

  5. Oh, the pink lippie looks better on you! :)

    1. So you agree it's pink vs red! Yay! :)