Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lipstick of the Day: Maybelline Summer Sunset

As if the 3-day frolicking in the shores and pools of Camiguin were not enough, I just had to conclude this eventful week with a midnight swim with the cousinhood. It's Kay's 21st beerday par-tey!

Nekkid lips, mahogany brown skin

Guess who forgot to bring sunblock and too lazy to look for one during the trip?

When the failed attempts to do synchronized swimming and other water games turned to another seemingly endless episode of camwhoring, we girls clamored for our favorite weapon. Puta red lipstick, please!

Zeze took heed and offered her Maybelline's Color Sensational lipstick in Summer Sunset. I may be biased and all, but I think it looked pleasant on my badly sunburned skin!

See how Summer Sunset looked on Minnie's sunkissed-in-Boracay skin, Judith's pale-in-comparison-to-ours skin and my toasted-in-Camiguin skin

Seksi back!

P.S. Too bad I just saw a brilliant post like this, so please bear with me and my medium shots. Next time, I'll put more emphasis on the lipstick.

Photos by Chad Barreyro.

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