Thursday, October 20, 2011


As mentioned in the prior entry, being garbed in red and/or ethnic accessories is a great demonstration of partaking in the Talaandig festivities. Inasmuch as I would like to cram every red clothing I possess into my luggage, particularly the ones that hardly made it past our main gate, I had to select wisely. I'm NEVER known as a light traveler but, considering our 6-day travel that would require us to lug our belongings around Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon and Camiguin (NOT in that order), it's about time to get in touch with one of my father's best talents.

For this big day, I already knew that I must wear the Bontoc skirt I once bought from Kultura in SM Department Store and my Mangyan headband and bracelets. But what to wear in between? Heard a tiny voice urging me to leave my casual red t-shirts and red tube top behind. I'm sure you will agree.
Remember this entry? I saved that red tank top with a flashy bib design for a team building that never happened. Imagine my high-pitched shrieks of excitement when I unearthed this forgotten favorite. Problem solved!

We were truly blessed to have witnessed a tribal wedding. Aaaaand I must admit a part of me started fantasizing of my own. I'm blushing here in recollection.

Have I told you that, for the Mangyans of Mindoro, that headband symbolizes a person's search for his/her mate?

Outside Hall of Peace

With a soil painting. Photo by Lakapati

Love the skirt you're in!

Later that evening, I expressed that I can no longer stand the blistering cold. Datu Alimuwan, standing next to me, was not surprised since I was wearing a skirt. What really impressed me was how he specified it was a Bontoc skirt. In the metro, it was easy to dismiss someone who makes such comment as metrosexual or gay, right? In Bukidnon, it was all about cultural awareness. In fact, this trip proved that indigenous groups hardly confine themselves within their own tribe. They have this strong bond with others.

That being said, do not be surprised that I had to cover myself with an equally red jacket on top of my tank top. Bukidnon boasts of this centralized air conditioner that just won't turn off. No amount of tiis ganda will let a poor vata like myself get away with it.


Handa...awit! Photo by Gerald Rago.

Out hosts Datu Muilaw-ilaw (aka Datu Anilaw) and Senyora Magawgaw Bai Manduhin-e (aka Lorie). Happy 1st wedding anniversary!

L-R: Moi, Kat, Lorie, Datu Anilaw, Mikey Bustos este Alvin and Lakapati Basa. Photo by Gerald Rago.

Lorie while getting her headdress done. Photo by Gerald Rago.

The entourage. Photo by Lakapati.

While the negotiation for dowry is ongoing, the bride is hidden from public view.

The wedding ceremony. Photo by Gerald Rago.

The newlyweds get media attention

The tribal wedding cake!

Fifth wheel? With the newlyweds Sagyawan and Charlyn Saway and recently married Mikey Bustos este Alvin and Lakapati Basa


  1. Pareho tayo! I find it so amazing how they can identify weaves and patterns and associate it with the tribe who came up with it. Very inspiring.

  2. Ang galing, no? Mare, we have to come back next year! Hopefully, binyagan naman ng first-born nina Datu Anilaw and Lorie. *crosses fingers*