Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What's Next to My Hairstory? Short and Funky, Yes?

If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head.
- William Shakespeare's "Sonnet 130"

Since the onset of the year, I've been developing this obsession on chopping my long curls off and possibly donating these dry tangles to good use. It's been ages since I had my enhanced long curls! This time, I wish to experiment and move on to another unrepresented hairstyle in today's TV advertisements. Blame it on my Saturn return.

Natural Born Sexy!

Me and my curly top had a long history of togetherness. Sadly, the first two decades witnessed my constant need to pull them back into ponytails and hide them from public view in all means possible. I was immensely envious of girls with straight hair. They look effortlessly presentable, neat and feminine. I, on the other hand, had to settle in my short-lived moments of glory after shower and the daily woolgathering that ensues. While most kids ask Santa Claus for material things, I begged for straight hair.

Looking unhappy during my 7th birthday.

My memory escapes me if I actually asked my mother to get rid of my curls or what. But I remember she had it regularly maintained as a bob, thanks to the unwelcome parasites that she claimed would join forces and take me floating in the air. There were times I wished they actually did. It was probably more elating than being poked fun for being the Francis Magalona of the class. We never heard of Pia Magalona in the early 90's yet, damn it.

Who says fly away hair was just in the 80's? It's the story of my childhood years!

Can't my hair be tamed like this forever? Please?

Straight hair daw 'yan!

My hair eventually lost its virginity at age 12. I had it straightened, hoping it will appear longer and better by graduation time. I wished to have long hair and flip them over my shoulders just like everybody else in class. As you can see in the photo above, it hardly made it to my shoulders. For my succeeding hair treatments - hair straightening, hair relax, and others – they always left me momentarily satisfied. In spite of my pleas, the natural curls always found its way out of my scalp just like any unstoppable attention whore would.

Relaxed hair

Worse, I finally noticed how my bi-annual treatments caused damage on my supposed crowning glory. I probably had one of those cinematic moments when I probed the girl in the mirror how longer will this bondage take. I’ve gone weary of attempting to comply to the ubiquitous instructions to go straight and fabulous. In that order. By the time I realize I must celebrate these God-given curls, however, my hair follicles hardly produced the ones I was accustomed to since childhood. The wild curls had been reduced to mere waves. And that was unacceptable.

First-time perm by Kerastase.

As soon as our 13th month pay got credited in 2007, I took my hair to Kerastase for digital perm. When I was told it amounted to about P8,000, I changed my mind and asked for the regular perm instead. I instantly felt the almost P5,000 difference right after. My new curls started from the roots! For this unwanted big hair look, I wallowed into a tall pile of pasta and pizza nearby and breathlessly waited for the next 13th month pay.

Digital perm by Tony & Jackey.

Taking my past lesson with me, I instructed the Tony & Jackey hairstylist to create bold waves right below my ears. Jerome agreed with my plan, but he felt it was necessary to rebond the entire hair before the digital perm. That way, the upper hair would look tame and it wouldn't look like Mufasa all over again. He had me at "Para maganda!" And so I emerged out of the salon feeling that way. It felt P5,000 was really worth it!

Ang haba ng hair! NOT in a good way, though.

My hair had a break in 2009. The following year, I was torn between another digital perm or dreadlocks. The latter proved to be impractical in the humid coastal town where I reside in and, based on one artist's quotation, too costly at P8,000 and too time-consuming for at least 12 hours for my then hair length. As 28th birthday gift to myself, I submitted my hair to Be@utyBrick for my second round of digital perm for P4,000. Mr. Shin typically asks his digital perm clients if they want it lady-like or wild. I opted for the former, considering the parade of weddings I would be attending by the following month.

Potentially last digital perm by Mr. Shin of Be@utyBrick.

Photo by Kimmeh.

It took me longer than the usual to decide about my last hair treatment as I had traded my favorite hair products with organic ones. It's been more than a year since I indulged my scalp with eco-friendly products from Human Heart Nature, All Organics, Ilog Maria and Nature's Gate that doing another digital perm made me feel guilty. I've heard about Tony & Jackey's organic digital perm. Unfortunately, P8,000 for mid-length hair is too steep for me. I know, hair treatments can be considered investments.

This year, I've been toying with the idea of fully celebrating my natural curls without any help from damaging chemicals. And cutting it short and funky may be the answer. However, I've been getting varied answers from my friends. I was told my oval-shaped face might suffer from separation anxiety from its long-time curtains. Some say it just might be the refreshing change I've been looking for. To cut it short is one thing, but going pixie might be too absurd. But...but...it worked for other fab plumpies!

Exhibit A: Leslie and her edgy look!

Exhibit B: Mia's perfect cut!

Exhibit C: My mum as a dye-hard blonde!

Now, now...I must get resuscitated and be mindful that this hairstyle calls for lots of maintenance. I'm known for my lack of patience even when it involves my appearance and I am yet to find something organic that will make me change my mind about this hair wax. Is there any wash-and-wear pixie hair made for me? Will my curls cooperate this time? Will this plotted hairstyle just remind it of my old refusal to accept it the way it is? Tell me what you think.


  1. I love your hair the way it is...but I think a shorter hair cut will look good on you too! :)Remember, you wouldn't know unless you try.

    And besides...I think kaya ka malungkot nung 7th birthday mo....e dahil sa outfit, hindi sa hair. Hehe. :D

  2. Tin, I'm hoping it would! *crosses fingers*

    Sobrang pangit ba ng birthday dress ko? Di pa kasi ako mahilig sa super red that time. Actually, I hated photo opps that time. Believe! :))

  3. Isn't there a software or a website where you can upload a photo of you and try on different hairstyles?

  4. Kimmeh, I found TheHairstyler.com (www.thehairstyler.com) and Stellure (http://entier.ecosm.com). But I'm not willing to pay! :))

  5. meron yan, try it then have it chopped!