Friday, August 10, 2012

WORLD PREMIERE: That Black Kaftan

I know, kaftans are supposed to be light in color and fabric, but I ran out of options when my neon+neutral dress-cum-coverup got quite messy after our difficult descent to the Merloquet Falls and the equally action-packed ascend back and the unexpected marang par-tey in between. This is one of those rare moments when recycling stuff is far from recommended. Either that or I'm being too maarte again, yes?

The answer to that question won't be settled here. So, let me just show you how this black, long-sleeved dress looked like a strange choice against the sunny backdrops in Zamboanga. Yes, the adventures in the batcave, Sta. Cruz Island and the nearby sandbar deserve separate entries! Just you wait.

Close-up of the neckline and cuff details

I admit this ukay ukay purchase felt too warm under the bright sun, but I felt somewhat justified knowing that Dolphy, the King of Comedy, was being laid to eternal rest that Sunday. Coincidentally, our guide, Kuya Richard, took us to the old graveyard of our Badjao brothers and sisters near the island. I suddenly felt...appropriately dressed.

Aaaaand I'm gonna conclude this pointless blog entry with back-to-back jump shots taken in the pinkish-white shores of Sta. Cruz Island.

Photos from Claire Madarang, Abby Mayuga and Phyll Miram.

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