Saturday, August 18, 2012

Postcards from Zamboanga / On Repeating Swimsuits

And this unstoppable force finally got to bring her childlike energies in Zamboanga peninsula, aiming to bury her toes in the pinkish-white sand of Sta. Cruz Island and to frolic in the renowned shores of Dakak. Our 4-day stay proved to be insufficient to go the distance and visit the latter. We resolved to land at the Dipolog Airport (20 minutes away from Dakak vs. the 8-hour commute from the airport in Zamboanga City) next time. In spite of this unmet itinerary, we're all portraits of gladness and gratitude for the chance to chill out in Sta. Cruz Island.

There will be a separate entry for the amazing pinkish sand and other exciting finds on my travel blog. For now, let me show you some postcards from my recent adventure. Yes, postcards that include me and my beautiful swimsuit!

With my friends Claire, Mario, Phyll and Abby

Our party of five were very fortunate to step our wrinkled feet to a sandbar (it's actually a coral build-up with pinkish-white sand underneath). Of course, we grabbed the opportunity for more Kodakan! Our guide, Kuya Richard, said that most boats don't take the tourists in this area. It's our lucky day!


Remember my quick getaway with my at-work-and-play friends and then-boyfriend in Laiya, Batangas this summer? Had I been able to combat my curiosity for that asymmetrical swimsuit and compulsion to show support to the plus size bloggers/designers behind it, I would have donned this one-piece swimsuit as if it were the first time I did. See, it's currently my favorite swimwear for its strappy neckline details, sensual low-back cut and maximum support for my twins. If there were any flaw, its design may give people the impression that I'm a serious swimmer and, worse, drowning people are just one glide away. That's faaaar from true!

Imagine my shock when an anonymous visitor expressed his/her disapproval of my remark "Bawal mag-ulit ng swimsuit!!!" In that line, I was quoting the "fashion police" in our batch (she actually didn't say THAT, we just connected the dots and kiddingly cyber-bullied her that that's what she was trying to insinuate upon seeing my pictures in Boracay and Batanes wearing the same number). I was not trying to sound like an elitist nor suggesting that everyone - bloggers in particular - should veer away from recycling clothes. I apologize for the confusion.

I wrote:
I just broke my record this weekend. After this world premiere comes another. I wasn't expecting it either; this swimwear purchase was just a last-minute decision. When I stumbled on this blog entry, I got saddened that this cool launch slipped under my radar in spite of the fact that I'm just in Eastwood all working hours every week. Curiosity and excitement consumed me after hearing that The Plump Pinay twins designed a handful of curve-friendly swimsuits for I Love Koi. So I dragged my office pals to the Complex Lifestyle Store to check them out. While doing so, I recalled how one of my wave mates who'll be joining us in this quick summer getaway was JOKINGLY regarded as a fashion police ("Bawal mag-ulit ng swimsuit!!!"). Plus, it's my first out-of-town traipse with Waldo so I wanted to look extra extra seksi in his eyes. And the rest is an impulsive buying history.
- WORLD PREMIERE: That Asymmetrical Black + Snakeskin Swimsuit, 30 April 2012
Emphasis added

You've seen this one-piece number here, there and everywhere!

If you've been a frequent visitor of this blog, you're probably getting bored with my tendency to repeat clothes and probably turned off that I actually post unflattering photos that show my cystic zits, among others. And it doesn't bother me at all. Look, I'm a plus size woman in a slow journey to be more fashionable and kikay. I may succeed, I may return to my innate choice to be too comfortable and practical. I'm clueless myself where this will lead. But, hey, I'm real and that's what you'll see in my virtual niche.

Again, I'm sorry for whatever confusion that quoted statement had brought you. I'm no rich kid and in no position to endorse such kind of thinking. Thank you.

Photos from Claire, Phyll and Abby.
Collage by Winifred.


  1. Was kinda surprised to know that someone misquoted, naloka ako dun. That person should visit your blog often to know you more rather than leaving comments under Anonymous claims.

    Anyway, kinabog mo kami sa pose mo - ang sexy! :)

    1. Hi Mitch! I guess I wasn't being clear when I quoted the fashion police for saying "Bawal mag-ulit ng swimsuit!!!". I think it appeared as if I said that. But that's ok.

      Thanks for liking the pics. Haha!