Monday, September 10, 2012

MOVIE MONDAY: God's Chisel

I can't contain my excitement to share this clip. I first saw this during Angat Dalangin in Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain the past Holy Week. And I'm grateful to have finally found the source during yesterday's service. It caused me great frustration to look for all "Masterpiece" entries on YouTube, you know.

Just like you, I'm no stranger to feelings of insecurity and inadequacy and all that. We all wished to look better, to get rid of those excess pounds, those stretch marks, to feel more accepted in a group we belong to, among others. Oftentimes, we tend to forget that we are special. That our Creator is never known for producing junk. That we ARE an original masterpiece.

After watching this the first time, I remember feeling immensely loved, accepted and stunning. Its ability to touch my heart and get reminded of my beauty and uniqueness never failed when I saw it again earlier today. I hope you'll feel the same way.


  1. Thanks for sharing.. this is really good.. it made me cry..

    1. I remember being touched after watching this, too. Feel free to spread the message. :)