Sunday, February 6, 2011

From XS to L?

So FHM's Sexiest Pinay 2010's weight gain made it to the showbiz headlines. Will she be on top again this year?

Photo by Don Romero.

I'm not exactly a follower. However, I've admired her down-to-earth aura, her bottomless love for her father, her great passion for swimming that extends to probably a long list of beneficiaries, including the Ondoy victims, and her apparent preference for long-term relationships. When she was tapped to portray Darna, I was quite impressed. I hardly spend that much time in front of the boob tube so I can't really vouch for her theatrics. But I thought it must be her morena skin that possibly made her the standout choice among the Kapuso stars back then.

Then she started endorsing Metathione. If you're born fair like Kris Aquino and feign astonishment on how this particular whitening product works, that's just typical entertainment. However, if you're bronze and beautiful, that's a statement!

Photo from Pinay Celebrity Online.

From losing 5 brownie points for that move, she lost 10 more for this news.

My poor attempt to capture the article via

Angel however thinks that plus size women are still beautiful."Ibig sabihin po ba hindi magaganda ang mga matataba? Huwag niyo naman sabihin na pangit kasi, ang dami kong kakilalang medyo healthy pero napakaganda naman ng ugali, napakaganda naman ng hitsura. Aminin naman natin, hindi naman tayong lahat kapayatan, di ba?" Angel said.

Why apologize to fans for being unable to meet their expectations in spite of your perceived healthy condition? in spite of your appreciation of big women? Or do you mean "Plus size women are still beautiful...but not for me?"

Still, I'm crossing my fingers Folded & Hung would come up with bigger sizes - whether Angel Locsin achieves her desired figure back or not.


  1. We may disagree with her need to apologize, but in the end, she is a "product" that is sold. Her celebrity status was perceived to be in jeopardy due to her weight gain, so she did the logical thing -- give "the people" what they want: a promise of a [perceptually] better product.

    In reality, though, it's very sad.

  2. I agree with you on that. It's always about the endorsements.