Thursday, March 24, 2011

Girls Want It Looong!

Girls want it looong, thick and fly away [whatever's the proper English word for tikwas, let me know]. Everything that my natural eyelashes are NOT. Sure, there are recent inventions like eyelash curler and mascara but I'm just too lazy to use such in a daily basis. Besides, I tend to forget that I have eye make-up on. My hands are slave to this frequent compulsion to rub my eyes...until I recognize the eyeliner stains in my fingers. I dream of having attractive peepers yet I don't like taking extra amount of care to attain it. If they were considered windows of one's soul, then I need louder prints for my curtains. With least amount of effort, please.

I found it serendipitous to hear about this deal a few weeks before the much-anticipated traipse in the picturesque islands of Batanes. With its renowned rolling hills, lighthouses, pristine beaches and stone houses, you can't blame me if I want to be immortalized in photos with enhanced eyelashes. I would like to look prettier.

Before having my eyelashes extended

After my Friday night shift, I breathlessly waited for the salon to open at 11:00. By the time one of their specialists can finally accommodate me at 14:30, I have come to realize how punishing the past work week had been. I signed up for a soothing whole body massage. After all, I doubt I'd be able to smile through my eyes if the rest of my body were a portrait of neglect.

The procedure begins!

The specialist began with the removal of the eyeliner marks surrounding my eyes. Then she used some sort of stickers to separate my lower from the upper lashes...with GREAT difficulty. According to her, it was a rarity to work on tiny eyes like mine. After umpteen attempts, I felt her apply the fake eyelashes and say, "Pwede na kayong matulog, Ma'am". I took heed and hurried to the invitingly open doors to dreamland.

It was a pleasant treat to wake up to the reflection of my natural-looking eyelashes in the mirror. They were long, thick and fly-away without looking like a drag queen's. While I repeatedly inspected my new look in all angles out of satisfaction, the specialist advised me to avoid washing my eyes for the next 24 hours. Also, I must sleep on my back to prevent messing up my new lashes. She offered touch-ups if the need arises for only P200. I was nodding happily while she delivered this spiel. As if I can really monitor my sleeping positions while in deep slumber and as if I can stand taking the pollutants in bed with me. She can't be serious. Right?

After the eyelash extension. Wee!

All photos from Joey.

Imagine my horror when she rudely interrupted my sweet nap while waiting for my turn to get massaged. She found me almost in fetal position and immediately checked if my lashes were damaged. Ok, she was serious. Damn.

Unfortunately, my own bed doesn't resemble a massage bed where I can conveniently place my head in a hole to protect my lashes. Neither I have a Master who will put my all fours in handcuffs and/or wake me up with slaps if I unconsciously disobey the instructed sleeping position. Worst, I sleep like a kiti kiti.

Needless to say, I found uprooted eyelashes in my cheek the morning after. I even felt some of them dangle and cling on my eyelids for dear life against the wind. They didn't make it long enough to experience the pulchritude of Batanes. Ack, too bad.

This is NOT to say that the salon failed to keep their promise. I'm not calling out for other clients to provide their testimonials either. I'd rather blame it on my inability to sleep still. At least, I didn't have to shell out P800 for this kikay adventure and resulting reminder to love my eyelashes for what it is.

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