Saturday, January 26, 2013

Grand Eyeball with Master Chef Pinoy Edition Finalist Ivory Yat

Thanks to the Christmas-New Year holiday leave last year, I finally got to watch Master Chef Pinoy Edition on a daily basis. I know I had a lot of catching up to do here, but I was quick to find Ivory Yat and Gian Espadera amusing. I have other favorites based on their creativity and impressive skills, but you know I tend to gravitate (virtually, in this case) towards cheerful souls and fellow curvies. I've been told that our energies get transferred to the food we prepare so I can digitally taste the love in Ivory's dishes. 

It all started with my desire to locate my kindred spirit online. When I did, I announced I'm girlcrushing on her. Let's look back. Hihi!

Tweeting with Miss Ivory

And then her mouthwatering tweet! 

Imagine my kilegs upon hearing this exciting news. All the more when I finally got to meet her! I assumed she won't get to recognize me in person (I'm wearing sunglasses in my display photo, you know). But, nooo! She dropped her conversation as soon as she spotted me from afar and  gave me a big hug! But wait, there's more. She told me, "Extra seksi nga!" then proceeded to greet Tracee, the next teammate behind me and said, "Extra seksi rin!" I'm sure she'll call Ehms the same if she were third in line. Haha! 

I  know they're on a tight schedule but I can't help but chat her up for a bit. Like, who's the grand winner (we'll all have to wait until the live cook-off on February 9th), how often they go on taping (4 times a week!), if they go uwian in their respective homes in  between tapings (no, they all live in the same residence a la Pinoy Big Brother) and an exchange of thoughts about melon (per food combining rules, it should be eaten alone) in relation to their challenge for yesterday's episode. I had a blast!

Kodak moment with Master Chef's Top 7 finalists (minus Ronnel, JR and Carla)
and my officemates Tina, Tracee and Fao

Fangirl mode!

How did she know I don't eat red meat? Lovin' how spicy it was! 

Miss Ivory's spicy tuyo aglio olio with kesong puti and cilantro toppings

Photos from Tina Rita and Ehms Carniyan.

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