Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What Would Lornadahl Bring for the Swap Meet & Greet

You've heard about the fast approaching swamp meet here, there and everywhere. Allow me to give you a sneak peek what I would bring with me for the event. And that's 11 days from now! Woohoo!

Up for swap!

This low-cut long-sleeved blue top is an ukay ukay purchase that I still haven't worn! Why not? I bought it out of conviction that I'll fit in it someday. Chos
Size 12

Another ukay ukay purchase, this loose old rose top does require a tube top inside. I like how its v-neckline and light fabric make me feel fresh. 
Size 12-14

I'm still yet to wear this midriff top from Dubai. I just can't find the perfect match for this!
Size 18

This little white dress from Laarnaay's Boutique is perfect for getaways! You'll also love the flirtatious off-shoulder bit! Only got to wear this once.
Size 12

Dark and pretty! It's kinda short so I'd suggest you wear your leggings with it. (I remember my mum's refusal to let me leave home without any pants!) This ukay ukay purchase is also still in good condition.
Size 12

The back design of this loose purple top from Hong Kong. Show that sexy back, girl! 
Tube top included.
Size 12-14

Another ukay ukay purchase I never got to world premiere. This stretchable below-the-knee skirt would look great in the workplace!
Size 12 and probably beyond


  1. Thank you for your comment! I am in the UK ;)

    Wish I were in The Philippines for the swap meet and greet event for Pinay Curvies. I would have tried to swap that skirt from you! xx

    1. Tell you what, I can give you that skirt if nobody asks for it during the swap meet. My friend is flying back to the Netherlands by the end of the month or early February. Perhaps shipping will be cheaper from there, yes?

      Yeah, I sure wish you're here to join us! :)