Thursday, February 7, 2013

And The Winner Is...

You've met the lovely contestants. Now the judges have to make this difficult decision: choosing the best extra seksi woman to win an overnight stay in Coco Beach Island Resort for two! 

We're looking for two things: confidence + style and creativity in reason for joining. Needless to say, the contestants gave us an extra hard time in selecting the luckiest woman on earth today. 

Before we announce the winner...

Drum rolls, please!

Garnering an average score of 95%, our winner is...

Cristina Gundran
Age: 25 
City: Quezon City 
 Size: 16
Reason for Joining: This contest is for plus size women to be more empowered! THAT BEING PLUS SIZE is an ASSET and flaunting your curves is SEXY by wearing the clothes you want and especially the swimsuit that accentuate your curves and loving your body. 

Judge InaThis is very sassy! I love that she's in the water in a bright swimwear, looking sassy and stylish. 
Judge Leslie: Love the color and style. So sexy! Perfect reason, too!
Judge Lorna: What can I say? Low neckline, high bun, confident pose and positive message! You got it, girl!

                    CONGRATULATIONS, CRISTINA!


  1. OH MY!!!Im still ecstatic!!!Thank you for choosing me! <3 :) this is so surreal!!! - cristina