Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WORLD PREMIERE: That Little White Groupie Dress!

What else could be the better time to world premiere this little white dress but during the exhibition match between United Football League (UFL) All-Star, Kaholeros, vs. the Azkals in the University of Makati? In spite of the fact that it was the third day of my period (sorry, too much info!), I really felt compelled to wear it last Sunday. Forget the potential all-fangirls-meet-up in a sports bar to support the Azkals on their matches against Sri Lanka on June 29th and July 3rd (the latter is already sold out), it had to be debuted right away! For someone who loathes white stuff (I'm one grown-up who needs a bib when I wear anything white), it's really something!

The humid weather the entire country had experienced for the past couple of days would have been the perfect excuse to leave anything that conceals my arms behind. However, I was to attend the service in the morning and go on a movie date with friends after the match. I had no intention to trade that itinerary with an unexpected crawl to the hospital anytime that eventful Sunday for pneumonia.

Besides, I needed an excuse why I wasn't using a bag that matches the color of my shoes. Sorry, judges! =P

Groupie mode! Insert crushie Neil Etheridge here.

Goalkeeper Neil Etheridge stayed here! *kilegs*

Stolen shot. Seriously!

The neckline is sooo me! Love, love, love!

XL white dress from American Boulevard

Mum's knitted bolero

Shoulder bag from Divisoria

Her Bench deliberately dirty-white slip-on sneakers

Photos by Chad Barreyro.


  1. Love the stolen shot, mare! :D

  2. You look gorgeous! Loving the stolen shot, stunning! <3

  3. Wow, everybody loves that stolen shot, huh? :D

    LaCara, I'm so flattered to receive such a compliment from a fashionista like you! Thank yoooou! <3

  4. Loving the dress!

    BTW, richard poon (yah the crooner), calls pinoy guys "askals" (not in reference to the Azkals). Yah, pinoy guys who don't look like him. No need to tell anybody who looks better, we all know that already just by pasting him against any pinoy on local tv. Haha.

  5. Thank you! Love the dress, too!

    I had to do a Google search for that. Di naman pala memorable ang face niya. Siguro yung voice lang. Hahaha!

  6. NOt even...

    I just learned that night how blacks really feel about claiming the absolute exclusivity to the use of the word Nigger. Poon is an unwitting advocate for "world change". LOL.

  7. I heard he really sings well. Jazz ata ang genre niya, tama? Makapag-YouTube search nga. Hahaha!

  8. I love the stolen shot too!!! <3 you should do OOTD (Outfit of the Day) blogs. even if sa office lang ;)

  9. Hi, Kar! Sige, bili muna ako ng digicam para hindi na mahirap maisakatuparan 'yang suggestion mo. Thanks for dropping by. Finally! :)