Friday, June 17, 2011

WORLD PREMIERE: Build-a-Smarter-Planet Blue Dress

Being a one-year-old employee in IBM Global Process Services Philippines that I am, I somehow felt invited to partake in IBM's centennial anniversary celebration today. An email announcement stated that we will welcome IBM US's milestone with an ice cream party and asked us to wear something in blue. What a perfect excuse to wear a dress!

What I world premiered in the office that night...NOT!

Fortunately, I spotted a lonely blue dress from my mum's closet earlier this week. I liked how the low neckline allowed me to wear a black-and-blue necklace that I bought from ACAY in Bataan and the buttons below that remind me of a sexy double-breasted suit. It's about time for a lovely trip to the outer world! So I snatched it from its hiding place and initially refused to take heed to the owner's advise to wear leggings, too. My legs want to see and be seen!

With my teammates!

Mum's blue dress

Black leggings (thanks to that thing we call dress code)

Dress-down, deliberately dirty sneakers.

Last photo by Lady Dacanay, much to her horror.

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