Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Big Hand for Vogue Italia

Thanks to Vogue Italia, we, extra seksi women, now have a major milestone to look back on June 2011. What else could possibly bring tears of joy to our eyes and make us exchange fist bumps than such an esteemed magazine immortalize not one, not two - but THREE voluptuous women on their cover? The black-and-white spread may be a reminder of the rubenesque past, but, hey, this is one statement that declares the body acceptance revolution is no mere trend. I'm thrilled to see moooore sensual depiction of big women - confident and comfortable in their curves - in the future.

Exhibit A: Belle vere (Truly Beautiful Women): Tara Lynn, Robin Lawley and Candice Huffine.

Exhibit B: Curves here, there and everywhere!

Exhibit C: How To Rock Lingerie!

To see more photos, go visit Vogue Italia.

In this blog entry, the editor sounded prepared for any rebuttals and disapprovals. She stated:

We've always been criticised because we publish pictures of super-skinny women only, so this time I'd like to be criticised because there are very curvy women on the cover of the magazine. And I'd also like to underline that sensuality is not related to size, it's quite the opposite. And that beauty doesn't follow preconceived standards. Everyone should be happy with his or her own body, without paying attention to trends and to what aesthetic prejudices impose as a rule.

Here are more inspiring and contagiously hopeful messages from Candice Huffine regarding this cover shoot.

Special thanks to Oh La La Curves! for sharing this link.

Call me overly optimistic, but this representation made me feel as if the body acceptance revolution is on the roll. And my beloved Filipinas will follow suit. How and when? I may not have concrete answers to offer, but I just can't wipe this childlike smile in my face.


  1. Props to Vogue Italia! I hope this takes off really well. It's about time!

  2. So true! I hope our local magazines will follow suit, too. *crosses fingers*

  3. Big big clap to Vogue Italia, how I envy countries who just support women with real curves. Sana ganyan din dito sa China. :(

  4. I pray for the same: "I hope our local magazines will follow suit, too." Maybe we can get in touch with a couple of publications. Whatchu think Lorna? :D

  5. Mitch, I think a vast majority of Chinese women are really thin, compared to us Pinays. So parang malabo pa ata sa China. I can be wrong, though.

    Tin, that sounds like a good idea! Any contacts?

  6. Will rummage my lists. :)We'll find a way. :D

  7. Damn @Exhibit B! They really should give Big women more exposure--thanks to Vogue Italia. Sana sumunod na rin dito. I just find it too disturbing to see too skinny women on mags.

    I remember during my OJT in an ad agency, they already thought I am big already and that they think skinny women are sexy. I just laughed at the idea, I guess they didn't know the word, "love handles". Hay naku.

  8. Right on! They didn't call it "love handles" if it weren't lovable, right? ;)