Monday, March 25, 2013

Bloggers Do Black + White Stripes Better

When I first heard of the Bloggers Do Black + White Stripes Better challenge, I immediately felt disqualified to join. I have this red + white stripes dress I can't wait to bring to the beach this summer and a pale pink + grey striped shirt I was wearing when I read the news and I'm daydreaming of this striped dress, but I have no black + white stripes! It was a sad realization as I patiently waited for the follow-up challenge after this.

When I went home to my parents' place last weekend, I was delighted to see a mountain of hand-me-downs in my closet. Either that or Mama needed a bigger space for her clothes. To my surprise, I found a long-sleeved top that would serve as my ticket for the abovementioned challenge. Yippee! Yahoo! Yehey!

Manila has been experiencing bipolar weather lately; humid mornings that give way to rainy afternoons/evenings. I didn't mind wearing this long-sleeved top under the sun as I expected heavy rains later that day. Hot, sweaty mornings I can tolerate. But gloomy, freezing evenings? Hardly. 

As you probably know by now, I'm your typical casual chick. And when it rains, I get extra lazy. Yesterday was no exception. So I mixed my mum's striped top with my harlem pants and overused purple flats. Nothing bold, nothing special. I'd rather don something "safe" in terms of the predictably moody weather.

The big picture

Did I mention it's hooded?

Wait. I feel the need to interrupt the parade of photos to say that it doesn't feel as warm as it looks. The fabric felt kinda light against the sun yet it never failed to protect me from the usual chills inside an airconditioned room. Lovin' the fact that it has hood, too. Even if I find my umbrella more reliable. 

Oooh! Somebody else has earned her stripes! 

Now you see the harlem pattern... you don't!

And the sun stayed with us after the morning service, after lunch and after our Church-related meeting. I was expecting to see rain showers after the last activity, but I managed to travel to my high school friend's home without getting soaked. But I noticed the threatening dark clouds during my commute.

Eventually, it rained cats and dogs. Thankfully, I made it home before it happened. 

And I have this poorly-lit photo to prove it!

You'll have to look closely to see how drenched my flats were. But if you're still not convinced how extreme the weather can get here as of late, I'll show you photos of  a flooded venue where I would like my clone to go that evening, given the chance. I truly miss watching football matches live! When's the last time again?

Flooded pitch! 
The Philippines vs. Cambodia match had to be temporarily suspended due to heavy rains!
Photo lifted from my crushie Neil Etheridge's Instagram post

Check out the precipitation!
Photo from this article

Check out how other bloggers interpreted this summer/spring trend here. Enjoy!


  1. I spotted a Mango poster with fabulous stripes as well. I need to check out their store!

    1. Enjoy shopping! And thanks for dropping by. :)

  2. That's a nice hooded striped dress! :)

  3. Loving the stripe look. It is always fun to do BDIB. It is so sweet how the hood is striped too.

    1. I find my stripes too tight for the BDID challenge, actually. Hope to find bold stripes next time.

      Thanks for dropping by. :)