Monday, April 1, 2013

WORLD PREMIERE: That Pastel Pink Pants / Color Blocking

Being unable to climb back to the Prayer Mountain for the Holy Week just like I did last year, I committed to serve during the Resurrection Sunday instead. I assumed the organizers would ask us, volunteer ushers/usherettes, to wear something preppy or formal, just like last year. Imagine my shock when they announced that females should wear colored denim pants. Something summer-y and casual. Wow!

Of course I panicked. It's my first time to serve and I refuse to disappoint the elders and my small group leader. I'm more of a skirt girl and I only have 2 pairs of denim pants rotting inside my closet. The first thing that crossed my mind was to raid my mum's closet, as always. But I found my tired feet take me to an ukay ukay shop near my parents' home in Bacoor. (I was wearing this when it happened, by the way.) I typically go the distance whenever I go secondhand shopping (ex. Kamias, Ortigas, Cubao Makati. Las Piñas City would have to be the closest). 

Guess what I found in this small ukay ukay shop in City of Bacoor (yep, Mayor Strike Revilla wants it City of Bacoor vs. Bacoor City)? A pair of pastel pink sort-of slacks! I call it "sort-of slacks" since it kinda looks deceivingly formal but it's actually cottony and comfy. It's not denim, as required, but this pair sure looks casual enough. It must be the bitin look, I guess.

So I have found my pants. What else to wear? I immediately thought of my overused purple flats (you first met 'em here) in my mind and racked my brains for the fitting top to wear. Out of nowhere, the concept of color blocking came to mind.

So I paired my pastel pink pants with blue top and purple flats...

In the informal survey (naks!) I conducted via BBM, this combination was just the runner-up choice and most respondents prefer this top instead.  But I found it too long; it will make me look shorter. If you wanna see the other options (Exhibits A-E), I can send it via BBM. Ha!

For the first time, I didn't take off my ID for yesterday's photo opps. So, how do you find this outfit?
What my ID says...

Guide to Color Blocking

Outfit of the Day:

Blue v-neck top with loose sleeve from Landmark
Pastel pink pants from ukay ukay shop
Purple flats from Sassy Girl 
Cultured pearl earrings from Zamboanga


  1. May survey ka pa pala before mo isuot? Hahaha! Like the outfit, pa-girly in pastels. :)

    1. Kasi I can't decide. I have doubts about this top kasi medyo low-neckline. But it's the best option among the others so I wore it kahit runner-up lang. Haha!