Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WORLD PREMIERE: Long-sleeved Mint Blouse + Coral Top + Black Capri Pants + Mint Moccasin Flats / Bloggers Do Mint + Coral Better

When I first stumbled upon the Bloggers Do Mint + Coral Better challenge, I was immediately reminded to bring out this patent leather moccasins out of my closet. Pronto! But what else to wear? I have a polka dotted dress with tiny mint dots and a new pinstriped blazer with mint stripes from my recent ukay ukay shopping, but they're both far from being coral.

My search brought me back to my closet in my parents' home in Cavite. I hesitatantly took home an old thrifted purchase which I never had the courage to wear outside my bedroom. This light-blue-and-orange top generously provided coverage for my arms yet plunged too low and promised an abundant view of the valley between Mt. Suzy and Mt. Geno. I don't even know why I bought it in the first place. Needless to say, this top still doesn't qualify me to make a mint + coral entry. What now?

So I did a half-hearted rummage in the mall after the Sunday service. Coral doesn't seem like a popular shade, but I'm thankful to have found this loose top. However, I realize I can't wear this sleeveless top as is since the current length of my auxillary hair is something I find too hideous, but my new waxer will only dismiss as too short still. So why not put it on top of my long-sleeved top and use it as shield against catcalls, right? I pondered hard as I never ventured into layering. In my estimation, it only looks awesome on skinny people. But the risktaker in me whispered encouraging spiels and I listened. It just might look good on extra seksi women like me, too.

All right, enough back story and let's proceed to the main event! The world premiere begins in 5, 4, 3, 2...
Check out the contrast!

Detail left unseen. At least for today.

It was also my first time to wear this capri pants with these cuuuute gold buttons. During my bedroom rehearsal, I tucked this coral top to ensure these buttons get their share of limelight, too. However, I feel more comfy when this top is flowing free. More exposure for these golden girls next time! Pinkie promise!

  My mint moccasins from Fancy Flats. One size smaller!


Lipstick of the Day: Human <3 Nature's Island Kiss tinted lip balm + Sweet Nectar hydrating lipstick + Coral Beach mineral lip gloss

Did somebody say coral? Wait, let me take out my coral lip balm and coral lip gloss!

If you just tuned in, I find pussy red lipsticks fitting for daily use. However, for today's attempt to be the rainbow during and after the rain, it may seem like an overkill to go for an equally loud hue for my lips. Or maybe not. Please allow me to deviate and show you what I've saved for the rainy days.

Coral galore on my lips!

My apologies for these pictures hardly give justice to the layers of coral and neutral shades that I smothered my lips today. Perhaps I should have gone for the Coral Kiss hydrating lipstick instead. But, hey, I truly like how this pastel polish looked against my eye-catching (I think) mint + coral ensemble.

Photos by Elaine Elquiero and Sheryl Matucad.


  1. love love love your shoes :)

    1. Cute, no? It's one size smaller, though. Ouchie ouchie! Hahaha!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for bearing with my incessant inquiries via BBM! Hahaha! Join us in the next Bloggers Do It Better challenge!

  3. So...mag-comment daw. Ito na.

    A for the outfit which speaks of fresh yuppy. A+ for the make-up (or is it the lighting??? hahaha). Btw, you look like Laureen Uy sa full body shot mo teh.

    1. Heya, MJ! Thanks for dropping by! Wow, may kahawig na akong celeb ngayon? Hahaha!

  4. love your shoes! great coral and mint!

    now following

    Xo Megan

    1. Thank you! Love your entry, too! ;)

  5. Love the mint shoes and the lips but i think it will look better on picture if the lighting is good.

    Nice shot of the lipsticks. :-) wonder who did that shot.. lol

    Mint + Coral = wonderful outfit

    1. Thanks, Ian! Next time, take my lip pics! ;)

  6. Maraming salamat for your comment! I'm now following you ;)

    Cute outfit! I love the coral and mint together (^_^) x