Sunday, March 17, 2013

WORLD PREMIERE: That Peplum Skirt from Ward88

I know it's been months, probably a year now, since I started yakking about wanting my own peplum, but I haven't really actioned about this desire yet. I guess the idea that a peplum dress requires a pair of pumps to go with it made me take this fashion fantasy into the backseat. Yeah, I'm still in love with flats. 

To my surprise, Lyn of ward88 pinged me recently to offer her peplum skirt as a present. It was my first time to experience this and I admit it took me a while to say yes. We were supposed to meet during the swap meet (she was unable to attend, though) and now I have another reason to find a way to smother her with thankful besos in person. And to think we're both residing in Cavite! I'll keep you posted when it finally happens.

Upon receipt of this sweet gift, I felt my gratitude immediately turn into worry. I just threw away my pink flats (you've seen 'em here) and I can't think of any fitting footwear for this skirt. Sure, I was tempted to bring out my black wedges (you've met 'em here) but I'm too lazy to wear heels to work. What to wear, what to wear?

In spite of this little concern, I decided to world premiere it right away! I won passes to my favorite noontime show, It's Showtime, and I felt it was the best time to wear it. I was in the mood to reunite with old friends Brady and Nonoy and make new friends, hence this call out for extra seksi fans to join me as a studio audience. Sorry if I didn't make that announcement here as, you can probably tell, I dislike making too short blog entries. To cut the long story short, Plus Size Closet Prinkles can't make it due to conjunctivitis and Brady asked his friends to take her place. 

On to the show!

The stage and the audience from our vantage point
Photo by Mark Chu

My peplum skirt from ward88
Taken in the studio

Pink skirt calls for pink necklace!
This is a freebie for purchasing a CD released by our Church

Like or dislike?

Enough with the details, on to the whole picture! 
Taken in the office

There goes my very casual take of the peplum. I bet you'd say it'll look better if I wore black pumps or anything with heels. Haha! Anyway, let's hear it from my friends. Score mo, show mo!

My biased friends Raz and Brady give me a perfect 10! Woohoo!
Photo by Brady

My newfound friends Mark and Wilrose give me 9! Not bad!
Photo by Wilrose Puray

Before I conclude this entry, I shall leave you with the link to that episode when we joined the unkabogable barkada do Abba songs and Harlem shake, among others. Look for us!

Outfit of the Day:
Black top
Pink necklace
Peplum skirt from ward88
Mum's sandals

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