Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pinay Curvies Swag Challenge: Denim Jeans

This month's challenge is probably the easiest one to date. However, if you've been visiting this side of the world wide web, you'd notice that denim jeans are my least favorite. I prefer skirts and shorts since they are presko to be in, especially during that time of the month. Aside from that, denims take up too much space in my traveling bag. I'm no light traveler, but leaving my jeans at home is my usual approach to keep things lighter. 

Yes, I'm rarely in jeans that my colleagues usually do a double-take when they see me wearing one. And then they'll announce to the entire office: "Himala! Naka-jeans si Lorna!"

That being said, it was an easy decision as to which pair of jeans to show you. I only have 2 pairs in my closet when Mitch decided we'll go for denims (yeah, I went looking for new pairs in an ukay ukay shop recently) and only 1 of them is bloggable enough. Haha!

When I was still in college (1999-2002), I remember being a fan of jeans in dark wash. When I became a working girl (2003-2004), I gravitated towards beige hipster or low-rise jeans. When I juggled graduate school, graveyard shift and online business (2005-2008), I tend to don denim capri pants. And I want them wider from the knees downwards (how 70's!). When skinny jeans (2008?), jeggings (2010?), printed denims (2011?), colored denims (2011?) and other trends took center stage, I was already reduced to a mere spectator.

Last year, my colleagues and I went on ukay ukay shopping in Ortigas. I was already satisfied with my finds, but they won't quit trying on branded jeans after jeans. So I got intrigued and they found this drop waist boot cut jeans from Giordano for me. The moment I saw my reflection in the mirror, I got convinced it was meant for me. It's a nice deviation from my usual dark and flare denims! And it's cheeeeap! (I completely forgot how much, though).

Ube macapuno!

Outfit of the Day:
Boho blouse from ukay ukay
Giordano denim jeans from ukay ukay
Mum's big bag
Lacey flats from SM Parisian

P.S. I met my family after work and my brother Lec was surprised to see me in jeans. Perhaps I should take heed to Ehms and Fao to wear jeans more often. According to them, jeans make me look taller. Hmmm...

Photos by Bendell Timtim.


  1. You rock those jeans! The details of your blouse, so boho and laid back, i likey :)

    1. Wow, thank you! Love that blouse, too! Ahihi!