Tuesday, October 1, 2013

WORLD PREMIERE: That Sheer Poncho

Remember how I expressed my desire for Erzullie's sheer poncho on this entry? Well, that little dream finally materialized during the recently concluded Fashion Feast! From regular price of P850, I bought it for only P300! Hurrah! And what else to do after that fun-filled evening of shopping and socials? Edi i-world premiere right away! (Guess what? I already wore the matching skirt last week! Yep, it's also worth P300!)

In case you've noticed, I truly favor casual look over tiis-ganda "fasyon" look. But I sometimes get perceived as a fashionista and I'm quick to correct my friends whenever they call me as such. I have nothing against them, but I seriously don't consider myself as one. During Glam Tales, we had a discussion that some girls have this innate 360-degree vision to tell what goes fab with this and that. Believe me, I don't have that. I just take notes from others and, if I find it too ma-effort, I ditch the idea and rummage for something safe in my closet.

That's the same story for this outfit. I found a statement piece to wear and I stopped there. I just grabbed plain camise for inner wear, plain leggings and my usual footwear and - boom - I'm ready to go! I can already imagine your disapproving look on my flats. Haha!

Mahangin sa labas...and I love it!

You gotta love the details!

I appreciate how light and comfy the fabric feels. In fact, I feel like a playful dyosa (my best friend's word, not mine) who leaves magical dust when I pass by. To my glee, most people complimented my poncho and some of them, even thin people, inquired where I bought it. They want one for themselves! Endorser lang ang peg!

The designers Aries and Berna (or maybe either of them) told me before that there's another way of wearing this poncho. Some of their clients keep their arms hidden underneath it. Maybe I'll try that next time and ask you which one looks better. 

Outfit of the Day
Sheer poncho from Erzullie 
Black camise (nope, it's not a tank top) from Chubbly
Mum's leggings
Tan flats from Quiapo

Photos by Bendell Timtim.

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