Monday, November 25, 2013

WORLD PREMIERE: That Peplum Dress / 17th of the 27 Dresses

Remember this little sneak preview? I divulged I'll wear that peplum dress to a fairy tale wedding, but I was unable to change into that before the production team started filming Maya & Ser Chief's wedding. I had time to do so, but the cosmos had its funny ways to prevent my little plan. Loooong, heartbreaking story. 

Luckily, I had one more wedding to attend this month! This time, I'm my best friend's plus one to her guy best friend's wedding. I know almost everyone in their office so I felt comfortable crashing their wedding haha. 

 Don't you just adore this dress?

Details, details!

Outfit of the Day:
Peplum dress from Erzullie (sold out!)
Snakeskin clutch bag from Suiteblanco
Gray heels from VNC
White dangling earrings from Mama
Bangle from DJ


Because I'm a sucker for weddings, I shall leave you with photos of the best dressed in my humble opinion and some romantic moments captured during the wedding and reception. Love, love, love!

 Best dressed female: Our big boss! So classy in her simple gown! *applause*

Best dressed biologically male: How long did it take Rye to button up? I'm clueless!

Congrats, Jerome! Best wishes, Valerie!
Photos from DJ, Sir Bubuy and Jerome.

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