Thursday, December 19, 2013

WORLD PREMIERE: That Striped Cropped Top

It's the time of the year for back-to-back parties! Although the Kapamilya Network had cancelled our company-wide Christmas party to continue our relief operations for the Yolanda survivors, I was lucky enough to be invited to 2 department parties before we go on vacation.

Now that Studio 23 is signing off, let's par-tey hard!

My best friend DJ tagged me along last night for Studio 23's Creative On-Air party. We're supposed to show up as a character in one of the channel's shows (ex. WWEGag UCSIDesperate HousewivesAsia's Next Top Model, among others). Sure, it was tempting to come as Emma Swan but it was too...easy. In fact, there was only one character in my mind. See, I've always been flattered each time DJ says Callie Torres reminds her of me. She embodies curves plus confidence onscreen and I feel she's equally inspiring in real life. Ang haba ng hair ko! Although I still haven't gone beyond Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy to call myself a fan, I truly find her character and love stories interesting. She had me at allegedly NOT washing her hands after taking a pee. 

Sara Ramirez as Callie Torres...and me as Callie Torres. Convincing ba? Haha!

Something tells me you're violently shaking your head at this instant. Even if I got the professional look covered. On that note, I'd like to give credit to DJ for borrowing her aunt's lab gown and scrub pants. We even had a little debate in the comfort room as I wanted to world premiere Erzullie's striped cropped top and matching skirt underneath the lab gown. But she insisted that I should use the scrub pants to look clinical instead. Since I paired it with a cropped top, I opted for the high-waist look. Aaaaand moments like this make me miss my digipermed hair. With it, I'd somehow look close to Callie Torres. Chos! 

Outfit of the Day:
Lab gown from DJ's aunt/my dentist
Scrub pants from DJ's aunt/my dentist
Striped cropped top from Erzullie
Stethoscope from Mama
Lacey flats from Solemate

It is not right to conclude this little entry without showing you who else showed up in the party. Are you ready to laugh hard until your stomach hurt, Kabarkada

Some people don't need introduction. Can you name them?

Love their costumes!

Photos by DJ San Jose.


  1. That's a fun way to celebrate the holidays!

    1. It sure is! Thanks for the visit. Happy holidays to you and your family! :D