Friday, November 1, 2013

WORLD PREMIERE: That Luigi Costume / PINAY CURVIES EVENT: Spooky-Oke Night!

If you were born in the 80's just like me, you probably never experienced dressing up and going trick-or-treat around this time of the year. Our idea of Halloween involved watching real-life spooky stories on Magandang Gabi Bayan and visiting our loved ones in the cemetery. So when Mitch asked me for theme/s on how to celebrate Pinay Curvies' first bloggiversary, I was quick to suggest a Halloween costume party. Yes, psychologists call this compensation. Ha!

Since I've showed up as a cheshire cat last year, I daydreamed to level up this time. I initially planned to be Ginger Spice (I want this British Union Jack dress!) but my hectic schedule made me change plans and, thanks to this random stranger wearing a Super Mario Bros. shirt, I got an idea who I'll portray in the party. Of course, I asked Mitch to show up as Mario since our names start with M and L. Sadly, she can't see herself in jumpsuit and mustache. 

Finding this get-up wasn't as easy as I imagined. I thought I'll go with this denim jumper then I realized my latest ukay ukay purchase looks more appealing. I was relieved to hear that my friend can customize this mustache necklace and my friend referred me to Chikara Hats. I luuuurve my friends! 

However, I was unable to find a mushroom to complete the look. There's none in Clipper outlets in Eastwood, Gateway and Farmer's Plaza and I was told there's no Comic Alley in Glorietta (anymore?). Dear Kate Torralba, how can I order? Still waiting for your reply here.

L is for Lorna...and Luigi!

Outfit of the Day:
Mum's green top
Jumpsuit from ukay ukay
White gloves from SM
Green flats from Solemate (SM)
Luigi hat from Chikara Hats
Mustache necklace from Pepper Manila


The local curvy community I helped co-build is now one-year-old! Can you believe it? My daydreaming days felt just like yesterday and now I'm reminiscing about our little party to thank everyone for supporting our efforts to make it a smaller world for plus size Pinays worldwide. And so we dubbed it as #SpookyokeNight. Because singing is our national pasttime and we ain't celebrating until the fat ladies sing!

Spooky-oke Night!

The grateful faces behind Pinay Curvies

 How we partied, in photos

I don't think these photos can give justice to the amount of merriment we had last Saturday night and I don't think I can even articulate all my favorite moments. I'm super thankful that everyone showed up in fab costumes and everyone's game to croon and dance away. Mitch and I had a hard time choosing the best in costume and best singer, even! After much deliberation, we opted to have 2 winners per category. 

 Best in costumes: Janice as Kung Fu Hustle landlady & Lyn of ward88 as SnowWhite
Best Singers: Chiara as she-devil # 2 and Jo-anne as Insiduos black lady

 You're so sweet, Erzullie!

We made it to the news! Thanks, Candy!

See more #SpookyokeNight photos here. Photos by Cleopatra Mitch Leus.

Watch our own crazy rendition of Dynamite and Titanium on our YouTube channel. Mind you, we're not even drunk yet!


  1. I am happy to see girls who know how to appreciate and love themselves no matter what they have.

    1. And I'm equally happy that you appreciate us and our advocacy. We hope we put a smile in your face. :)

  2. Cheers to this blogger who has been in this for a good cause! :) Getting all the Pinay Curvies together and making them spread the love and acceptance is indeed GREAT! ;) Keep the flame and passion alive! We will be here for you! Get that NAVABI 2013! Wooohooooo!!!! :)

    1. Thanks, Candy! I pray for the passion to remain ablaze. And, yes, I hope to win, too! *crosses fingers*

  3. Looks like a fun night! You rock that Luigi costume! Lovely with an L!

    1. It was fun! Have you seen our videos? Hyper, no? Hahaha! Thank you! After posting it, I realized my mistake of rotating some photos kaya L looked baligtad haha.

  4. Ohh.. never actually worn a costume for halloween. Inggit ako. Ang gaganda nyo sis! :)

    1. Does that mean 80's kid ka rin? Don't worry, may chance pa magpaka-bagets! Haha! Why don't you join your daughter in Halloween parties para may excuse to dress up? ;)

  5. Looked like you had fun! And very witty costume ha. Wish I could be half as game as you are. haha

    1. We sure did! Haha thanks! Oh, you're not into costume parties? Why naman? :(