Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WORLD PREMIERE: That Ruffled Pink Bikini and Pink Bra / Postcards from Coron Part 1

As you can tell in this entry and the succeeding bikini postcard entries like herethere and everywhere, I can rock any maillot and tankinis. Exposing my muffin top in a two-piece, however, is something I need to find courage to do. Little did I know that I would finally do it during my recent Coron getaway.

I've long wanted to world premiere this ruffled pink bottoms since I bought it from a friend last year. But I can't seem to find any silver or blue tankini that would complement it. Then, my at-work-and-play friend Chi (you've met her here) gifted me a pink bra whose hue slightly matches the bikini I mentioned earlier. Perfect match indeed! 

In my private "dress rehearsals", I realized the bikini was at least one size bigger (yeah, I'm suck a sucker for ruffles!) and wearing two-piece alone will be too risky. I have no plans to reach the shores and then realize that the waves took my bottoms away. I have no plans to expose the gateway to heaven! So I decided to bring this coral sleeveless top with me as cover-up.

Check out my ruffles!

Still in Banana Island

Remember how I love jump shots? My BFF Carl and I wrapped up our stay in Banana Island  by doing such and, at one point, I had to stop as I felt my bikini fall down, exposing my buttcrack for the male photographer and young locals to witness. How mortifying!

 And the Kodakan continued in Malcapuya Island...

When the sun finally felt less cancerous (we arrived in Malcapuya Island by noon), we took a long dip in spite of the wild waves. Carl and I took turns to take photos of each other and, at one point, she encouraged me to take off my coral top. I was initially hesitant. But in the end, I agreed. Man, it felt good! 

My poor attempt to look like a calendar girl

 That glorious moment when I decided to take the cover-up off

Take 1: Ooops!

Frolicking with Jovi and Mars

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