Monday, November 19, 2012

WORLD PREMIERE: That Printed Purple Jacket

A week before our long-awaited trek to the highlands of Baguio, I was told by friends that it was super cold. Hence, I packed my colorful muffler and my new jacket, plus my old hooded jacket and bonnet for my boyfriend Waldo in preparation for this trip. Wait, I just re-read the prior sentence and something feels off. My new jacket? Technically, it’s somebody else’s old jacket. I need to clear that out. (Were you thinking something hand-me-down for Waldo, something spanking new for me? Nah. Haha!)

Like I’ve mentioned hereukay ukay shops had always been my source of fab finds; they always have something kikay for me and my big bust, something that makes me express my inner boho better and something that other women won’t likely buy elsewhere. Since they offer second-hand items from countries abroad, they manage to attract buyers for winter jackets, coats, boots and other thermal stuff for less. Imagine branded jackets that range from PhP100-500 and I can already imagine you panic-buying for stuff we don’t really need in a tropical country like ours. So why did I purchase this printed jacket I’m about to show you? Well, I decided to scour for winter clothes in hopes to attend my best friend’s winter wedding in Australia early this year. Turned out I can’t fly there and stand as a witness. Not yet!

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  1. go mare.. i'm so proud of you.. you will win talaga.. God bless at full support kami for you..
    we love you.. keep safe and stay pretty and lovely as ever..

    1. I have a lot of campaigning to do pa! Haha! Thanks for the support. Mwah!

  2. your blog is amazing, and your style too!
    would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know answering on my blog, kisses and congratulations.. you're having a very good job :)