Thursday, May 8, 2014

WORLD PREMIERE: That Pink-And-Yellow Illusion Dress

So you've seen the 1 of 2 maternity-dresses-for-now-corporate-dresses-later in my prior entry. The other one is equally chic and fun, but never did I imagine I'll wear it when I exchange I do's! Maybe it's the superstition about black dresses on wedding day that made me initially want to avoid it, but me and my baby bump can't fit in this peplum dress anymore.  So I gave in and opted for this pink-and-yellow illusion dress. I'll just make sure to wear something all-white for our Church wedding, yes?

Sneak peek!

This dress had me at that little cut in the chest area. It's seductive without even showing my cleavage at all! Can't wait to wear it to the office! 

Mama actually wanted me to wear my dark blue flats for this dress. But I argued it's better to wear something neutral instead. It felt too Technicolor kasi. How about you, what pair of shoes would you wear for this lovely dress?

Outfit of the Day:
Dress from Divisoria
Snakeskin clutch bag from Suiteblanco
Earrings and bracelet from Mama
White lacey flats from Solemate, SM Department Store

Photos by Waldo Pan.


  1. I love that it is a 2-in-1 dress, maternity chic, it can be worn with black, white or nude pumps/sandals :)

    1. True! So practical, no? I think my mum bought this for P400+ lang. Thanks for the suggested footwear for the dress. :)

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