Thursday, June 27, 2013

Body Gossip's #BodyLove Flashmob

Why did I just learn about Body Gossip's #BodyLove Flashmob this week? Had I learned about this earlier, I would have helped organized the same thing here in Manila.  

This positive body image campaign will be held tomorrow, June 28th, at 13:00 in London. Attendees are expected to bring a heart-shaped paper which shows their favorite body part. This peaceful protest against oppressive messages we are constantly bombarded with will run for 3 minutes. Aside from the designated venue, teenagers/students all throughout the nation will be gathered in their respective schools to express their support. I'm already dabbing the corner of my tearful eyes just by imagining it. 

I explained this campaign to my boyfriend last night over dinner. I told him I'll write down "my legs" as an answer. I know they house a couple of battle scars and visible varicose veins but I love how smooth they look and feel. I may have weak knees, but I love how my legs allow me to do long walks - something that I love doing. I love 'em just the way it is. 

But he felt I should write down "my boobs" too. Of course! If there's any body part most people would remember me for, it would have to be my mammary glands! My twins even earned names - Suzy and Geno (probably because Suzy seems like more discreet for suso). I've shared how they felt more like a burden than assets here, but I'd have to agree. I love them! 

Since I can't fly to London tomorrow to physically participate in the flashmob, I decided to offer online support. Here's my tweet and my fanpage post. And I'm hoping this little post would encourage fellow Pinay curvies to do the same. Let's remind everyone that our bodies are beautiful, too! 

So if you're interested to show your body love, just send me an email to so I can forward the heart file. 

I love my body!!!

EDIT: The following day, I'm grateful my friends Shiela and Cleo were willing to show their support, too. 

L-R: Shiela, birthday girl Cleo and myself

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