Sunday, December 18, 2011

caRAWling Christmas Par-tey

Because Raw Pinoys mean it when we say "Let's do this again!", we committed that the follow-up potluck par-tey must take place before this explosive year ends. Plus, it can't be an ordinary par-tey either; it's the happiest, healthiest Christmas par-tey me and my enzymes ever attended!


The gathering proved to be extra special for me as it's an opportunity to introduce the new man in my life to my old friends Lakapati and (Surprise! Surprise!) Grace, their respective partners and to the rest of my growing living food-loving friends. I haven't really expounded why I chose this particular path to wellness as I was expecting a forkful of raw treats and bottomless glasses of smoothies and kefir cocktail would pave the way. Besides, I refuse to sound preachy. Waldo's your typical athlete who would choose high-protein food (he loves lard the most) over my kisses. Ha!

Quite unflattering but the only photo evidence of bonding that night with Bes!

The boyfriend meets my girlfriends!

I didn't get to take photos, not even my own contributions like persimmons (that Waldo hand-picked from the grocery) and buko juice (for the smoothies). I seriously wish I could share photos of Chin Chin's apple salad, blueberry-buko smoothie and others. Here's a couple of goodies that we stuffed ourselves silly that evening.

Dexter's salsa! The color of raw!

Fresh spring rolls!

Chef Asha Peri's raw parfait

While the feast was ongoing, there were scheduled screening of documentaries like Forks Over Knives and others and healing lessons from energy healer, Daddy Oscar Sangalang.

Daddy Oscar teaches us how to approach asthma

Daddy Oscar shows us what to touch when suffering from fever and/or burns

Right after this, Waldo and I approached him. To my shock, he informed me someone was really envious of me and he also identified Waldo's major burden since childhood just by examining our palms. Something tells me it won't be our last time to dialogue with him. Will it happen in his upcoming detox workshop next month?

Such issues didn't linger in my mind. As always, Toni Bernardo and the rest of the band made us dance to the pulsating beats. Since I was unable to groove away during the first raw food potluck, I compensated for the lost time that evening. Much to Waldo's frustration. When the clock turned 22:00, he started reminding me I could use some rest. My not-so-effective delaying tactics allowed me to stay for just one more hour. Sighs.

Percs galore!

And we dance to the beats!

Getting the train started!

Who runs the world? GIRLS!

What's going on?

Some girls would really rather dance by themselves, no?

While we discovered who's the dancing king...

...somebody's doing what he loves best: Waldo doing mitts (sort of) with the dancefloor!

When I started to feel knee pains for overdancing, I just watched him and this beautiful crowd lovingly...

We didn't hold any Best Dressed Raw Pinoy and Pinay competition that night, but I would like to nominate Chin Chin for that special award. Her shirt says it all!


Aaaaaaand Christmas par-tey ain't Christmas par-tey without the raffles! With or without ampalaya juice, I'm just too bitter to appreciate this bit. All the time! Check out these cool prizes while I hug myself here.

This prize is brought to you by INDIGObaby!

My BFF Lakapati is giving away this bound sunshine! But, noooo! I didn't win.

And the grand prize goes to me...NOT! Blah.

Photos grabbed from Ingrid Dimaculangan and Imee Contreras. Without their permission.

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