Sunday, March 30, 2014

Putting Radiant in Radiant Orchid!

I'm one of the many delighted people to hear that radiant orchid is the color of the year. I love lilac and purple for the longest time, making me convinced that I'm somehow qualified to be a Unicorn member if I were in Sweet Valley. I knew it's going to be a fab year! Fast forward today, I'm still unable to maximize the purple eye pencil I bought earlier this year. Ningas cogon, no? Well, THAT and my lack of makeup know-hows. 

So I reached out to beauty blogger/freelance makeup artist Jolly Moly for some help. We both agree that radiant orchid flatters both mestiza and morena. The secret, according to her, is to veer away from combining the fuschia, purple and pink undertones in one look. Instead, choose which undertone to use and decide on your focal point (whether eyes or lips). 

See? Radiant orchid on mestiza and morena

Let us show you how to do the day-to-night look using radiant orchid in these easy steps:

Day Makeup
1.)   Apply eye shadow primer to your eyelids up to the brow bone.
2.)   Apply the lightest purple eye shadow all over the eyelids.
3.)   Apply the darker purple eye shadow on your crease and make little strokes in the outer V of the eyes.
4.)   Apply white eyeliner to brighten the eyes.
5.)   Use the darkest purple eye shadow to line your lower lash line.
6.)   Apply eyeliner to the upper lash line.
7.)   Curl your eyelashes.
8.)   Apply several coats of mascara. Make sure to do it while the first coats are still wet, otherwise it will result in clumps.
Night Makeup
9.)   Add black eye shadow to the outer V carefully in outlining the crease.
10.) Mix it with a clean blending brush.
Day-to-night look. Photos by Jolly Moly.


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  1. Aww... you had a day with Jolly! Next time, my turn to have kikay day with you! Portrait session?

    1. That'll be great! I have a concept na nga eh! I'll PM you the details hihi!

  2. Nice, you look so pretty! I love this year's lucky color too, and would have been an honorary Unicorn Club member if given the chance too. :D

    1. Apir! Mabuhay ang mga Unicorns haha! Try mo rin ang radiant orchid makeup! :D

  3. thanks for this post! perfect for make up dummies!

    1. True! I'm glad that you appreciate it. :)

  4. They both looks great see indian actress collection on

  5. Somehow I wish I could muster the courage to wear purple eyeshadow. I'm such a klutz when applying eye makeup that I leave it to my beki officemates to do it for me. Sige, ito naman ang next peg ko. hihi

    Napa inward tumbling ako when I read The Unicorn Club on your post haha. Wannabe Unicorn din ako (uiii 90s).

  6. This will be very useful! Thanks for sharing this. I’ll be having a problem outlining the crease, do you have some tips for it? Big thanks!
    ~Pauline @Kallony