Friday, April 5, 2013

WORLD PREMIERE: That Silk Dress / Pinay Curvies Took The Quiz Night Challenge!

As if this long-lasting puta red lipstick and a bundle of moron from Leyte were not enough pasalubong, my balikbayan friend Vannie even gifted me with this little black dress. I find it lovely and seductive...and something NOT safe to wear for work. In fact, I reserved this number for a pyjama par-tey that unfortunately didn't happen. Until I found myself staring at this dress while I was rummaging my closet recently and I re-assessed if it's really inappropriate in the workplace. 

Up until the day before the quiz night,  I was thinking of packing this dress as my post-shift outfit. The morning after, I changed my mind. I realized how wrinkled this pretty dress will be even before I get to wear it. In case our guards refuse to let me enter the premises, I packed an extra clothing. Sigurista! And in case you're wondering, no, it didn't happen. Phew!

Looks one size bigger but I like it! Thanks, Vannie! <3

Flower Power!

To my surprise, Mitch was also wearing something floral that evening. Flower power!

Outfit of The Day:
Silk dress from Vannie
Blue bangle from souvenir shop in Zamboanga
Mum's sandals
High bun by Tracee


I've always been intrigued and eager to experience quiz night with good friends.  So Mitch and I agreed to fulfill this long overdue fantasy as our follow-up event to the swap meet and greetRemember this invitation to the plus size community last month?

Unfortunately, the others who confirmed can't make it. Loren was suffering from fever that time, thanks to our bipolar weather. And so was Jane. Get well soon, ladies! My fellow boarders Joy and Jinky had last-minute concerns to take care of. Ayzee, on the other hand, almost made it but she and her car got stuck somewhere. So it was just Mitch and I (and our combined stock knowledge) against the real geeks (or nerds, whatever the right term is). Challenge accepted!

May tama tayo, Mitch!

The quiz started with General Trivia. From this category, we were able to make right guesses. When asked about a certain athlete (didn't catch her name) who was proven to be a transvestite after her death, Mitch made a daunting guess. TRUE was correct! When asked which has more protein between egg and chicken, I wrote EGG. Another point! When asked if Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, wants a baby boy or baby girl, I opted for BOY. Again, correct! Then, we were asked to choose what's the fastest among falcon, bangaw (forgot the technical word for it) and jaguar (if my memory serves me right). Mitch mentioned cheetahs run faster than any other land animal. But we got confused as it's not included in the options. So we went for the fowl and we got another point! Yay!

Here's my favorite part: the answer that I was so sure of yet I failed to encircle to get double points! Question: From your entrance in the comfort room, what's the cleanest cubicle, according to research? I was very sure that it's the nearest cubicle from the door as, per the documentary I've watched, most people assume that the everyone goes there. Hence, the farthest cubicle is the dirtiest. Oha

Then we moved on to Dance category. We got three points for naming this certain prima ballerina (Lisa Macuja-Elizarde), providing another term for pirouette (whirl or twirl) and the type of dance that makes use of shoes to create sounds (tap dancing). We were clueless what type of dance toprock is (breakdance) and others. 

Other questions include what's the smell of the moon, according to the Apollo 11 astronauts, what does HTML stand for (Google it!), which drink has the least amount of caffeine among green tea, espresso and black tea, what country has the most number of overweight citizens based on BMI (it's Kuwait), how many times was Julius Ceasar stabbed (23 times), which locally available fruit is a distant relative of poison ivy (mango), among others. 

Wait, I might have confused these questions from other categories. There were about 10 questions per category and it can get overwhelming. And it doesn't help that I have poor memory. Anyway, other categories included science, pirates/piracy, Steven Sodenbergh, vintage cars, geography, women and...and...I'll get back to you on that.

We were THIS close to the right answer!!!

Have you ever wondered how long is the shortest scheduled flight ever? We guessed 20 minutes. To our dismay, it was just 2 minutes! We were THIS close for one point! Can you feel our frustration?

Did I just hear you ask if we cheated? Well, I think I did. For the question which country is closest to North America, I recall being convinced Canada is the answer. Then the quiz master provided a clue that it's NOT in North America as well. I was about to write down Mexico in our whiteboard when somebody from the next table gave away his answer with much conviction. So we - I mean, I urged Mitch - to write down RUSSIA instead. 

Category: vintage cars

Among the categories, I'd say vintage cars was the most difficult. See, cars don't like me back. I just permitted Mitch to make guesses on all images they flashed on TV. For that category, we got zilch. 

But I won't conclude this entry without bragging about our glorious moment. For the Pirates/Piracy, category, we got 2 points for guessing the golden age of pirates/piracy (1717-1720, thanks to multiple choice) and naming the act that prevents the pirates or their enemies from catching up (we didn't  know the right word for it so we wrote down "water hosing").  The quiz master accepted our answer since pirates make use of water jets to slow their enemies down. And guess what? The other teams bowed down to admit their defeat. Ok, I'm exaggerating. Most of them actually gave us slow claps to show their appreciation. And we were so ready to bill out. Hahaha!

My favorite moment!

Biggest losers of the night!

And we survived 10 rounds of brain exercise. However, we ended up as the "biggest losers" of the night! There's a reason why there's a quotation mark right there. While the team with highest scores takes home a gift certificate amounting to P1,000, the losing team gets to have free booze. To my surprise, they gave us my all-time favorite! Unfortunately, Mitch was advised by her doctor to refrain from alcoholic drinks; this should help with her plan to conceive. (Can't wait to organize a curvy baby shower!) So I downed both tequila shots even before Mitch can conclude her apology. Ahlaveet!

I know 8 heads are better than 2, but I truly enjoyed this experience. In fact, I'd like to try this again! Just let me know if you'd like to join me. Aja!

Check out our photos here


  1. I missed it! I've been wanting to try out quiz nights for the longest time now, but the time and distance kept me from joining. Argh. You could've had 3 shots instead of two. Hehe!

    twitter and instagram: @BelatedBloomer

    1. Sayang! Sige, mag-quiz night uli tayo hihi! My officemates Tracee and Ehms would have been able to join if it were in Quezon City. Sa San Juan ka, diba? Meron daw sa Amici Greenhills and Capricciosa Ristorante Italiano in Greenhills!

  2. Quiz Nights... that's probably something that we should try out here... Love the dress too. :P

    1. Wala pa bang quiz nights sa Baguio? Sayang naman! Parang I can imagine it being held in Oh My Gulay or PNKY.

      Lovely dress, no? It's actually shorter than it appears. Haha! Thanks for the visit.

  3. Love you girls! those dresses rock!
    If only I could join events like that.:(

    1. Oh, thank you! I hope you could join us next time! Or...hope to see you the next time I visit Cagayan de Oro! Gosh, I miss pastel!