Monday, January 28, 2013

Post-Swap Meet and Greet High

Mitch and I had been promoting this event for the past weeks and we're grateful to have received lots of inquiries and encouraging responses from long-time friends and strangers alike. It probably means that there's a growing community of plus size Pinays who are looking for venues to interact and celebrate with kindred spirits. Like what I've mentioned here, we never imagined we'll get support from plus size brands let alone get their attention. 

Now that Pinay Curvies are getting many "where next?", I'd like to pause for a moment and recall that one fine Sunday afternoon when a number of heavenly bodies gathered together for merriment and went home feeling gifted. In more ways than one.

That cool venue called Pan de Amerikana in Katipunan*

We started with intros over pasta par-tey

That pink blouse possibly perfect for pang-romansa purposes from Monica

Berna's harlem pants that I did NOT get to take home *sobs*

Abi gets closer to check the stuff

Silencio! Swap meet going on!

In short, we had a grand time!+

Th first ever swap meet concluded with giveaways from our generous friends from ward88, Chubbly and Erzullie

Remember this event flyer?

I'm taking home this denim micromini! Wee!

ward88's swimsuit for Loren Mae, peplum skirt for Timmy, mullet skirt for Monica and micromini for moi

Chubbly's maroon dress for Timmy and scarf for Berna

Chubbly's dress for Tracee

Erzullie's pink dresses, ruffled skirts and pompom skirts for almost everyone!

Class picture muna!

 L-R: Aries (Erzullie), Monica, Loren Mae, Abi, Ann Gelene (ward88), Tracee, Berna (Erzullie); 
Seated: Lorna and Mitch of Pinay Curvies


And your pretty organizers! Walang kokontra! Haha!

Most photos were taken by Mitch Leus of Feastful Life
* - collage by Loren Mae Monares
+ - collage by Berna Cuevas

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  1. Awesome event! I hope I get to meet you ladies too because I'm a curvy girl too!

    1. Hi Maita! Yes, I'm thrilled to meet you, too! Please "like" our fanpage so you can get updated about our gatherings. Here's the link:

      Definitely, we'll have a swap meet repeat! ;)